40 before 40

My original post can be located here however I will keep this page up to date since not every item will get it's own blog post.

To be completed by 11/2/2025

  1. Vacation in Hawaii
  2. Take a transatlantic cruise
  3. Take an Alaskan cruise
  4. Take a European cruise
  5. Go on a hot air balloon ride
  6. Helicopter tide over a volcano
  7. Stay at a Cabin in the mountains (jacuzzi on balcony a must!)
  8. Adopt a family for Christmas
  9. Visit 3 states I've never been to (driving through doesn't count)
  10. Finish decorating/furnishing/painting our entire house  - including bathrooms
  11. Break my PR 5k time (as of when I'm 30)
  12. Break my PR 10k time (as of when I'm 30)
  13. Break my PR half marathon time (as of when I'm 30)
  14. Attend one UCF road game per Football season
  15. Take EM (+ future child) on a Disney Cruise
  16. Take EM (+ future child) to Disneyland
  17. Take EM (+future child) to swim with dolphins
  18. Take EM (+future child) to NYC in the winter/Christmas time
  19. Take EM (+future child) to Hershey Park
  20. Visit the Grand Canyon
  21. Go to a place once a year that I have never been to before (some of the other items on this list will help that!)
  22. Maintain that 135 lbs I plan to reach by 30
  23. Assuming I'm still blogging, go to a BlogHer (or similar) conference
  24. Assuming I'm still blogging, double my followers that I have at age 30.
  25. Go to a drive-in movie
  26. Plant a fruit producing tree and watch it grow
  27. Attend an all-day country music festival
  28. Swim in a hot spring
  29. Bury a time capsule with EM (+future child) and dig it up 5 years later
  30. Volunteer at GKTW at least once a year
  31. Run a 5k with each child I have
  32. Go Apple Picking
  33. Make Wine (like stomp on grapes at a winery)
  34. Cash in all my savings bond that have FINALLY hit maturity and stopped earning interest
  35. Pay off our mortgage
  36. Do a Wine Tour (on the train in California maybe?)
  37. Go to a NFL football game
  38. Be "Room Mom" at EM (+future child) School once a month (if this still even exists?)
  39. Have a 10 year Anniversary Party
  40. Make my 50 by 50 list!

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