Friday, August 28, 2015

Follow Through Friday - Short and Sweet Update

This will be a pretty short update as I don't have much to report. I actually made it through a weekend without completely going overboard (even with having pizza on Friday night, Dunkin + eating at Kennedy Space Center on Saturday, and Tijuana Flats on Sunday) and hit a new low weight on Tuesday (151.2), not that different from last Friday, but I’ll take it!  I got all my runs in for training and just overall it was a pretty good week!

I’m doing my long run today on the Clay Road Loop in Clermont. My MRTT Mommas go out here often and I’ve never tried it. It’s a 10 mile loop that has grown in popularity among the running community in Central Florida. I’m a little nervous (and excited) to try it, as I hear it is pretty hilly and last week was the first time I ever ran hills and I wasn’t really a fan but I know it’s good for training. I only have 4 miles on the plan so myself and two Mommas are going to just to an out and back to get my 4 miles in. I'll report back next week on my experience!

This picture (source) scares me, just a little bit. Not sure where what portion of the loop this is, but hoping it’s not the section of the loop I’m trying for the first time.

Results for the week:
Weight:  151.2

Half Marathon training:
     Run 1: 3.00 miles in 32:55 (10:58 pace)
     Run 2: 3.30 miles in 33:34 (10:10 pace)     
     Run 3: 2.77 miles in 31:03 (11:14 pace)
Total Weekly (Running) Miles Logged: 9.07 miles
Overall Weight Lost since "Starting Point" 10/24/14: 25.4lbs

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