Sunday, February 14, 2016

Heart and Sole 10k Race Recap

Last weekend,  I ran the Heart and Sole 10k. I wasn't sure how I was going to feel since I had only ran ONE mile all week after the Celebration Half. I had been hurting pretty bad Monday and Tuesday, and Wednesday was still pretty sore but did one mile and it felt pretty tough but I didn't hurt. I took the rest of the week off and woke up Saturday morning feeling great and ready to run! 

Pre- Race Selfie
This race was a 5k and 10k supporting the Central Florida Dreamplex, which is a fitness and recreation center for special needs children. Several of the Mommas in my chapter of MRTT work really closely with this organization (and helped organize this race) and I was so happy to be able to run a race to support them. Several of our MRTT Mommas (and their families) also volunteered at one of the water stops along the course. It's always nice to see people volunteering at the water stops, but especially nice when they are people you know, specifically calling out your name when they cheer you on and taking in action pictures! 
Water Station Cheer Ninjas

This was a pretty small race (this is only the 2nd year they've done it and I know their turnout was much better compared to last year)  only 36 runners in the 10k and 113 in the 5k but they put on a great event! They held it at Waterfront park in Clermont, which is one of my favorite racing venues as the lake is so pretty and lets off a nice breeze. It was pretty cold when it started, mid 40's, but once I got going, I warmed up quickly and the weather was perfect!
Sun rise over the lake

I was pretty sure I was getting a PR in this race once I hit the 5k mark, although didn't go into it thinking I would considering how I felt all week. As I was running, I couldn't remember what my PR was for the 10k, and was thinking it was 58:50 so when I was finishing up around 58:30 I thought I had PR'd but turns out my PR was 58:30 so I was a few seconds off. I did stop to tie my shoe TWICE and refill my water bottle once so I'm sure that was all the difference. I really don't understand how sometimes my shoe comes untied multiple times and other times not at all when I swear I tie it the same every time LOL. I wasn't disappointed in my time though, I felt GREAT during the entire run and really enjoyed it. With being such a small race, they used large age group spreads and only gave awards to the 1st place spot in each of the age groups, so even with placing 2nd I didn't get an award. With only 3 ladies in my age group, it doesn't sound as exciting haha but nonetheless still awesome to get 2nd place! 

My Stats:
Official Chip Time: 58:36 (overall pace of 9:27)
Place: 15 of 36 finishers
Place: 9 of the 21 Women Finishers
Place: 2 of 3 in my Women’s Age Division (21-30)
1.55 split: 14:01
5k Split: 29:07
4.65 split: 43:49

My RunKeeper stats (which accounts for the zigzagging, weaving, etc.):
6.28 miles in 58:37 (overall pace of 9:20)
Mile Splits:
Mile 1: 8:50
Mile 2: 9:13
Mile 3: 9:33
Mile 4: 9:31
Mile 5: 9:25
Mile 6: 9:41
0.28: 8:27

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