30 before 30

My original post can be located here however I will keep this page up to date since not every item will get it's own blog post.

Starting 11/3/2013 to be completed by 11/2/2015

  1. Become a Mom to a 2nd child - Abigail was born on 9/24/2014
  2. Hit and maintain my goal weight of 135 lbs
  3. Log 1000 miles in walking/running
  4. Go to an all-inclusive adults only resort
  5. Get 50 'official' followers between Blogger/BlogLovin
    • As of 2/11/14 I am at 79 followers on BlogLovin
  6. Complete 6 half marathons
    • Space Coast Half Marathon (12/1/13) - Completed in 2:43:03 (Official) 
    • Celebration Half Marathon (1/25/15)
    • Disney Princess Half Marathon (2/22/15)
  7. Beat my PR half marathon time (2:39:23)
  8. Earn a promotion at work
  9. Stop biting my nails - completed around August 2014 - Just randomly stopped one day!
  10. Run a sub 30 min 5k (actual chipped race, not on the treadmill)
  11. Plant a garden that actually produces something edible 
  12. Run 20 races (5k, 10k, half, etc)
  13. Volunteer at GKTW 5 times
  14. Get Diamond Plus status on Royal Caribbean 
  15. Re-design my blog (not use a standard template)
  16. Make a dinner meal plan for a week, which requires me to cook each night, and stick to it
  17. Play a round of golf
  18. Learn to shoot a gun
  19. Go on a REAL picnic 
  20. Build a back patio/lanai and screen it in - completed in May 2014
  21. Run at least (or walk) one mile every day for 30 days straight (can't make up for a day on a later day)
  22. Complete EM's 1st year photo book
  23. If we have baby #2 by my 29th birthday, complete daily photo collages for baby's 1st year of life (I haven't missed a day yet with EM but everyone keeps saying "I bet you won't do this for your next child, I am going to prove them wrong!)
  24. Blog at least once a week (hopefully more!)
  25. Take a trip to NY and visit family - EM and I visited NY in June 2014
  26. Have a date night, once a month with G
    • 11/20/13: At Home Date Night
    • 12/10/13: Movies to see Catching Fire
    • 01/22/14: Movies to see Anchorman 2
    • 02/13/14: Solar Bears Game
    • 02/18/14: Anniversary Dinner at Yachtsman
    • 03/05/14: Dinner and Mini Golf
    • 04/02/14: Dave and Busters
  27. Take a trip to visit my BFF and her family
  28. Complete 4 Pintrest ideas/projects (recipes don't count)
  29. Run/Walk and pick EM up from school (day care) and run/walk home
  30. Bike at least 30 miles in one day. (the most I’ve ever done is around 14)


  1. I was randomly reading your blog! Did you get your 30 before 30 list complete?

    1. No I didn't :( I should post an update though, I did get some of them crossed off though!


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