Friday, August 28, 2015

Follow Through Friday - Short and Sweet Update

This will be a pretty short update as I don't have much to report. I actually made it through a weekend without completely going overboard (even with having pizza on Friday night, Dunkin + eating at Kennedy Space Center on Saturday, and Tijuana Flats on Sunday) and hit a new low weight on Tuesday (151.2), not that different from last Friday, but I’ll take it!  I got all my runs in for training and just overall it was a pretty good week!

I’m doing my long run today on the Clay Road Loop in Clermont. My MRTT Mommas go out here often and I’ve never tried it. It’s a 10 mile loop that has grown in popularity among the running community in Central Florida. I’m a little nervous (and excited) to try it, as I hear it is pretty hilly and last week was the first time I ever ran hills and I wasn’t really a fan but I know it’s good for training. I only have 4 miles on the plan so myself and two Mommas are going to just to an out and back to get my 4 miles in. I'll report back next week on my experience!

This picture (source) scares me, just a little bit. Not sure where what portion of the loop this is, but hoping it’s not the section of the loop I’m trying for the first time.

Results for the week:
Weight:  151.2

Half Marathon training:
     Run 1: 3.00 miles in 32:55 (10:58 pace)
     Run 2: 3.30 miles in 33:34 (10:10 pace)     
     Run 3: 2.77 miles in 31:03 (11:14 pace)
Total Weekly (Running) Miles Logged: 9.07 miles
Overall Weight Lost since "Starting Point" 10/24/14: 25.4lbs

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Cool Summer Mornings 5k Series - Race #3: Wild, Wild West Race Recap

Two weeks ago, I ran Race # 3 of the Cool Summer Mornings 5k Series which was a Wild, Wild West theme. I feel like there isn’t much to report on the race itself, since it was the 3rd in the series and same course and everything. The only difference was the theme. I even saw a girl running in jean shorts and cowboy boots, which is just crazy to me! Talk about chaffing! I really do love this series, and as much as I complain about the heat, I love the easy out and back course, how well organized it is for a small race and of course the bling (and the cost - so reasonably priced!).

I had a goal to improve my time with each of these races this summer, but I ended up not having a great week (running-wise) leading up the race and it definitely showed in my performance. Overall, still not an awful time, just not better than Race #2. There’s still hope for the final race is the series in a few weeks. Since I’ve started my half marathon training, I’m hoping it’ll help!
my bib after I used my food coupon haha


the shirt

Can you spot me in the picture?

Official Chip Time: 31:38 (overall pace of 10:11)
Place: 145 of 393 Finishers
Place: 59 of the 240 Women Finishers
Place: 8 of 29 in my Women’s Age Division (25-29)

My Runkeeper stats:
3.18 miles in 32:05 (overall pace of 10:06)
Mile 1: 10:09
Mile 2: 9:45
Mile 3: 10:14
.18 mile: 10:53 <--forgot to hit stop at finish line

Friday, August 21, 2015

Follow through Friday - A new low and training begins!

It’s TRAINING season! My half marathon training officially started on Monday! I’m excited to put in the effort and see what kind of results I can gain from this training plan! I probably won’t be quite as excited when I’m 10 weeks in and my long runs are in the double digits though haha. Because of how I track my weeks on the blog, my first week of Half training is only a partial since my plan goes Monday – Sunday and my FTF goes Friday – Thursday.

 On a whim, I decided to sign up for the Pixie Dust Challenge, which is the Tinker Bell 10k and the Tinker Bell Half Marathon out in California at Disneyland in May 2016. This will also qualify me the Pink Coast to Coast Medal since I’ll be doing the Princess Half Marathon (and 10k) at Disney World in February. I wouldn’t have even considered signing up for the Disneyland races except that we can fly and stay essentially for free with points, so other than the cost of the race, which is stupid expensive, it’ll be a relatively inexpensive trip! And because I was on a roll, I also signed up for a 10 miler in October. It happened to fall the same weekend that my half training plan has me running 10 miles, so figured it was a sign to register! I may also register for a 15k or 20k the week before Space Coast, but haven’t decided yet so figured I’d wait until right before the price goes up and make a decision then.

Well let’s back up a little, this week was kind of a roller coaster. It started off good, then went bad… real bad, and then I got re-energized and finished it off with a bang! Friday morning, I started with a nice run in Clermont with a friend from MRTT. This was my first time ever really running hills. And these aren’t even really hills compared to what most people think, but definitely hills compared to anything I’m used to. I only had time for 3 miles, and my RunKeeper actually showed me a little short, but hers said 3 miles, so close enough. I ate TERRIBLE Friday night, Saturday Night, and ALL DAY Sunday. I’m talking Apple Fritters (Donut King seriously has the BEST apple fritters) for breakfast/snack all day, Dominos for Lunch, and then Dunkin Donuts for dinner. Yea, I was feeling like crap Sunday night. I decided to go for a run anyways though as I knew it would be my last chance to run outside until the weekend when G was back in town. It was drizzling the whole run and felt just wonderful! Surprisingly, I was able to maintain a decent pace and knock out 3+ miles.  I didn’t meal prep on the weekend, but did get it done Monday night so at least I knew my meals would be taken care of the rest of the week and that always really helps me.  And other than the provided lunch at work on Thursday at a team building event (and I didn’t even go overboard) I did really well all week!

 My first official training run on Monday was pretty terrible. It just FELT really tough and I was starting to feel a cold coming on which didn’t help. Then when I finished the run, I realized I had the treadmill set on incline 3 (I normally run on incline 1), and my struggle seems to make a lot more sense. I also woke up super congested on Tuesday morning so I’m sure that played a factor as well. Luckily, I seemed to kick the cold with the help of some Sudafed and Day/Night Quil and taking it easy on Tuesday and Wednesday. I finished my week off with my second training run on Thursday and did rather well.

 Needless to say, I did NOT hit my DietBet Month/Round 5 goal, but I have one month to make up for it, and I’m determined to hit it. I haven’t NOT hit a final Transformer weigh in yet, and I’m not about to let this one be the first! To see 150 on the scale again is going to be so glorious and I’m almost there! Pretty sure today’s weigh in is a new low for me!

Results for the week:
Weight:  151.6

Half Marathon training:
     Run 1: 2.54 miles in 30:00 (11:49 pace)
     Run 2: 3.01 miles in 30:00 (09:58 pace)     
     Strength Training: none

     Run: Friday – 2.94 miles in 30:39 (10:26 pace)
     Run: Sunday – 3.18 miles in 34:40 (10:54 pace)
     Walk: Monday – 0.5 miles
     Walk: Thursday – 0.5 miles

Total Weekly (Running) Miles Logged: 11.67 miles

Overall Weight Lost since "Starting Point" 10/24/14: 25.0 lbs

Thursday, August 13, 2015

Follow Through Friday - Decisions, Decisions

Another week down, and I worked off some of the crap I gained the last two weeks. Pretty much back down to where I was 3 weeks ago. Such a cycle. I'm good for a few weeks, bad for a few, make the losing process very slow. 

This past week I did ok with my exercise, two runs (one was a race, which I haven't recapped yet) and a nice long walk. I didn't beat my time last month and that had been my goal for each of these races, to beat the previous one. I only ran once the week before the race so that definitely didn't help. I didn't feel as prepared either and so being about 30 seconds slower isn't a huge deal. Hopefully I'll PR the last one on the series next month. I did well with my food for the most part. I did get a beer and a Jalapeno Cheese Pretzel when we went to Epcot Wednesday night, but did get a healthy salad for dinner (and not one of those salads that is actually worse than a burger, a true healthy salad). I did my run before we went and of course walked around a ton while we were there, so it evened out nicely with my low calories consumed earlier in the day and didn't affect my weigh in (as in my weight was less Thursday morning than Wednesday morning). Thursday at work, I didn't have anymore meal prepped food so had to buy my lunch in our cafeteria, a grilled chicken sandwich. Normally I easily say no to the fries, but they had some awesome looking curly fries (they normally don't). I couldn't resist and got them and they were damn delicious. Because I had such a heavy lunch, I had a really light dinner and once again it must have evened out as my scale wasn't too upset this morning. And since I went on a 3 mile run this morning (which counts for next week), those carbs probably helped, right? 

This weekend is going to be super tough, I haven't fully decided if I'm going to let myself indulge at my sister-in-law's engagement party Saturday night or not. Considering we can walk home from the party (so can drink and not worry about needing a DD), and my in-laws always have great food at their parties, I'll more than likely indulge. BUT, my 5th round/month of transformer weigh-in is on Wednesday, and if I indulge, I definitely WON'T hit my goal (150.7). It's very unlikely I'll hit it regardless considering I'm almost 4 lbs away still. 

Oh yea, and my Space Coast Half Marathon training begins Monday! I really haven't done more than 3-4 miles throughout the summer because I wasn't training for anything and it's so, so hot, but now it's time to kick it up a notch. Going on a 3 week vacation towards the end of training is going to be tough, but I'm determined to stick to this plan! I did well last year when I trained for my Disney Princess Half with only missing two or three training runs total, so I'm hoping to not miss any more than that and to PR at Space Coast! Hopefully weighing a little less than my last half will help my speed too!

Weight: 154.2lbs
     3.10 miles in 32:05 (10:06 pace)

     3.26 miles in 52:00 (walk) 
     2.82 miles in 30:47 (10:54) 

Monday, August 3, 2015

Follow Through Friday - 2 more weeks

For the first time in a long time, I didn't have my scale with me on a Friday morning, so no idea what my weight was last Friday (7/30) morning. I was also on vacation mode starting Thursday so it probably wasn't pretty anyways. Prior to that, I was visiting my friend over the weekend and then finishing up week two of business travel. I didn't get as much exercise as the previous week and definitely didn't make as great of food choices. 

I did get several compliments from family and friends the past week which did make me feel great. Many of them hadn't seen me in a really long time (some hadn't even seen me since I was pregnant with ABS), so they definitely noticed the difference. They were shocked though that I was still in a one piece swim suit and it's because I'm just not comfortable with what my stomach looks like. I'm about the same size I was on my honeymoon, and definitely wore a bikini then, but I wasn't sporting these stretch marks. It's not even so much the stretch marks, I could handle it if it was JUST those, but they are causing this dimples/cottage cheese look that I just can't handle. I'm hoping when I lose some more fat in my stomach it'll go away, if it does, I'll definitely rock my stretch marks in a bikini. And if once I hit my goal of 135 lbs, it still looks like that... I'll seek out alternative methods for getting rid of it. There has to be SOMETHING on the market for it!

This past week, I was back at home, back to meal prepping (for some meals) and did some (although not enough) exercising. G and I (and our friend Laura) did his strength training exercise from his personal trainer on Sunday which resulted in me barely being able to walk on Monday! I only got in one other run this week (Wednesday, and was still sore from Sunday!) and have my third 5k of my summer series tomorrow. Hoping I can beat last months time, but I don't feel as prepared this time around. 

Since I know my weight is back up,  last weekend I joined two kickstarter (4 week) DietBets plus am in a 8 week Challenge in my Mom Fitness Group (a Facebook group than I'm an admin of) all which are tied to money. Hoping between these three incentivized challenges, I get the extra little momentum I need to hit my August 18th DietBet goal (150.7) and finally get out of the 150's by our cruise at the end of September! 

Not much else going on right now to report... just trying my best to stay focused on the goal. 

Week Ending July 30h:
Weight: 15X.X lbs

     3.10 miles in 33:32 (10:49 pace)
     3.13 miles in 32:29  (10:24 pace)

Week Ending  Aug 7th:
Weight: 155.6 lbs

     Full Body Strength Training

     0.46 miles in 5:00 (10:52 pace) <-- 5 min warm up before strength training
     3.23 miles in 35:28 (10:58)