Friday, January 31, 2014

Follow through Friday - Week 1

Well it's my first week reporting in for Follow through Friday and I'm excited that I've followed my (exercise) plan all week!

Monday (Stretch & Strength)
I did the strength training that I mentioned on Tuesday, which was great to start the week off with! I didn't really know what was meant by stretching, so I just did my calf stretching that my foot doctor recommended for my Plantar Fascitis.

Tuesday (2.5 Mile Run)
I did my 2.5 mile run with my interval program (also mentioned on Tuesday) on the treadmill. I stuck to it pretty well, 100% for the 1st mile and then did reduce some of the "jogging" intervals to 5.5 MPH (from 6 MPH) but still ended strong on a sprint interval and definitely felt worked out hard from that run. Like, I felt like I got a better work out in 2.5 miles than I got after my 5.2k this weekend. Granted I didn't really push my self in the 5.2k but glad the intervals are making me burn!

Wednesday (Cross Training)
I wasn't really sure what to do for cross training, but I decided just walking would do. Even though I was only scheduled for 30 minutes, I ended up doing 41 mins (which equaled 2.3 miles) since I was watching Pretty Little Liars and that's how long the episode was without commercials.

Thursday (Rest Day)
Well, Rest Day was what was in the plan, but I decided to switch it up with my Friday's plan since I ate wayyy too much at lunch (it was our monthly Pizza Day at work and I over indulged). I decided to just make my rest day on Friday instead. So I ran 2 miles in 21:50 (10:55 pace) after doing 2 circuits of strength training (the new plan subbing out burpees for mountain climbers).

Friday (2 Mile Run + Strength)
Will be my rest day today :)  - will continue with my Friday through Thursday results next week on Follow through Friday :)

Oh yea, and I decided that my new running shoes are not quite right for my feet (my toes were going numb even though they weren't tied tight) so I'll be going back to Tri & Run to exchange them out. I only wore them for 3.5 miles total (all on the treadmill) and they said I could bring them back, thankfully!!


Tuesday, January 28, 2014

The Change and the Plan


And now I’m ready to change. After a horrible, worst mood ever, type of day yesterday, I decided that was the kickstart I needed.  

So, it only took me 2+ weeks (I was full of excuses) to finally get started on this plan I’ve been talking about. But last night I did it. I did two circuits of the following (with my comments noted):
  • Burpee (10 reps) – I went in HATING Burpees and didn’t even try beyond one. I was in a shitastic mood yesterday so there was no convincing me otherwise.
  • Girl Modified Pushup (15 reps)
  • One Arm Kettlebell Row (15 reps each arm)
  • Plank (50 Seconds) – I only made it about 25-30 seconds on each circuit
  • Goblet Squat (25 reps) – I’m pretty sure the first couple I did were not correct but I fixed my form and think the rest were effective
  • One Arm Kettlebell Press (15 reps each arm)
  • Elbow to Knee Crunches (15 reps each side)
  • Kettlebell Curl (15 reps each arm)
  • Chair or Flat Bench Dips (12 reps)

I gave my feedback to my friend who created the plan for me and he asked if I realistically thought I’d do the Burpees as he’d modify the plan if not. So of course, I told him I’d prefer a modification and told him I could only last 30 seconds on the planks and he made the following adjustments which I’ll try on my next strength day (which isThursday according to my adjusted plan):
  • Mountain Climbers (30 seconds)
  • Girl Modified Pushup (15 reps)
  • One Arm Kettlebell Row (15 reps each arm)
  • Plank (30 Seconds)
  • Goblet Squat (25 reps)
  • One Arm Kettlebell Press (15 reps each arm)
  • Elbow to Knee Crunches (15 reps each side)
  • Kettlebell Curl (15 reps each arm)
  • Chair or Flat Bench Dips (12 reps)
  • Plank (20 Seconds)

I also programmed my treadmill to do specific intervals and tried it out on Saturday for just 1 mile (I got new running shoes so HAD to give them a try) and I seemed to like it, just not sure I’ll be able to do it for the entire duration, but I’ll give it my best shot. Today is 2.5 miles. The interval program is:
  • 1 min sprint at 7.3 mph
  • 2 min jog at 6.0 mph
  • 1 min walk at 3.8 mph

Which in a 30 minute period, should put me at 2.9 miles – which is a little faster than I typically run, but since I only have to do 2.5 miles, I’m hoping I can keep up!

my new kicks - Zoot TT 2.0

On Saturday night, a few of the guys were over (G hosted a “Beer and Diapers” party while the girls were at the Baby Shower for our good friends who are expecting in March) and since it was cool outside, we decided to put our fit pit to use. We received it for Christmas in 2012 and sadly this is the first time we’ve used it. I don’t know why though, we all had a great time sitting around the fire, shooting the shit, and drinking some beer. EM even enjoyed it and we took some Fire Pit Selfies.

Today officially starts the DietBet with Chris and Heidi Powell (pot is $139,200!!). G and I both joined and did our “weigh in” pictures on Sunday night – you were allowed to do them early – and after eating like crap all weekend my weight was certainly embarrassingly high but that helped me in the sense that it won’t be as hard to lose with a morning weigh in for the final. I need to lose 6.7 lbs by February 25th. As of this morning I’m already down 4.2 and only have 2.5 to go (and KEEP off). I know it sounds too easy, to only lose 2.5 more, but I am going on a cruise next week so I’m sure I’ll gain something on that (I’ve never NOT gained on a cruise before, even with being sick with a stomach virus) and the key is KEEPING it off, and I’d like to lose even more than that as well!

My friend (the same one who made my strength plan) sent me this article about successful transformations and it really made want to make myself more accountable and by putting it out there in cyberspace, hopefully it’ll help! I decided I’m going to join a link-up and hold myself accountable and report in each week on Follow Through Friday (Friday is also my weigh-in day for another weight loss challenge I am in, so it works out well)!  

Glossy Blonde

Sunday, January 26, 2014

Seasons 52 Park Ave 5.2k Race Recap

Saturday morning was the Seasons 52 Park Ave 5.2k. This was definitely the coldest race I have ever participated in. It was in the mid 40's. G's shins were hurting so he decided to sit this one out. I got there and picked up my race packet and hightailed it back to the car to sit and wait in the warmth of my heated seats until about 7:10. I walked over to the start line, and there was hardly anyone there which seemed odd since the race was starting in like 15 minutes. I decided to hide out in the Panera Bread which was conveniently located next to the start line and stayed warm until about 3 mins before the race started. I couldn't decide if I wanted to run in my sweatshirt or not and after what happened at the WDW 10k, I decided to suck it up and just deal with the cold prior to the race and know that I'd be more comfortable during the race. I'm SO glad I did that because within 3 minutes of running, I was more than warmed up! The run went through a mostly residential area of Winter Park,  with a portion on brick vs regular asphalt. It was a nice run and considering I haven't ran since the WDW 10k, I did alright. The run was enjoyable and I loved looking at all the houses in Winter Park. Some were really unique and fun to look at. I did my normal 3/1's (which I pretty much stuck to) while listening to Glut Pop on iHeartRadio. Since I was by myself, I didn't take any pictures other than my event shirt. Not even a selfie!  Seasons 52 was the big sponsor of the run and ever 52nd finisher got a $52 gift card to Seasons 52. Sadly, I was not a 52nd finisher, boo!

My Stats:
Official Chip Time: 37:10 (overall pace of 11:30) 
Official 5k Chip Time: 36:01
Place: 1148 of 1854 Finishers
Place: 575 of the 1092 Women Finishers
Place: 71 of 128 in my Women’s Age Division (25-29)
My RunKeeper stats (which accounts for the zigzagging, run off to the bathroom, etc.):
3.26 miles in 37:14 (overall pace of 11:25) 
Fastest Mile: #1 at 10:57
Slowest Mile: #2 at 11:52

Friday, January 24, 2014

Bachelor Recap / Fantasy Standings: Week 3


Well I'm a little delayed on posting this, it's been a busy (read:LAZY) week for me. I guess I don't really do recaps, just more so have some observations/comments so I'll just say FIVE  things and make this my FIVE ON FRIDAY post.. bam!

//ONE// JP is kind of dumb, and by kind of, I mean really dumb. At first I thought it was the language barrier, but now I'm not so sure. and yet, the girls hang on every.single.word. like he said the most amazing things ever! At least he's got his looks going for him. 

//TWO// I didn't realize Cassandra was so young (21) and even though she's got the single mom thing going for her, I don't think it's going to last. She sounded like a broken record with her "I haven't done blah blah blah since I was 18" or whatever it was that she KEPT sayng, ugh so annoying!

//THREE// Sharleen is the most awkward person ever. EVER. 

//FOUR// Just because you jump off a bridge together Chelsie, does NOT mean you can get through anything.  Granted, I do think having a first kiss hanging upside down from a bridge is pretty freaking awesome! Although if that was me, I'd still probably be shaking and soaked from peeing my pants (terrified of heights here!)

//FIVE// I think he should have made them stand in their swimsuits for the rose ceremony since he already changed the cocktail party to a pool party (which I thought was way more fun!)  

NIkki is still my fave (at least I have her on my non-money league! I'm down to just Kat in my money league... come on Kat, gotta stay in the game for a while!

Money League Standings after Week 2
LL: 770
JL: 690
DS: 580
JR: 510 
KW: 330 
ME: 295 
SR: 270

The Teams:
JL:  Elise, Lucy, Lauren HChristineVictoria
JR: Amy L, Christi, Elise, Kat, Victoria
LL: Alli, Cassandra, Elise, LucyValerie
DS: Victoria, Sharleen, Nikki, Kat, Andi
ME: Alexis, Christi, Kat, LacyValerie
SR: AlexisAmy L, Chelsie, Kat, Lauren S
KW: AlexisAshley, Chelsie, Lauren HValerie

Received a Rose:
Alli, Andi, Cassandra, Chelsie, Clare, Danielle, Elise, Kat, Kelly, Lauren S, Nikki, Renee, Sharleen

Sent Packing:
Lucy, Christy

Points Earned:
Involved in a real kiss: Cassandra (20), Andi (20), Sharleen (20), Chelsie (20)
Swears: Chelsie (20), Andi (20)
Cries: Sharleen (20), Chelsie (20), Clare (20), Christy( 20), Lucy (20)
Receives a rose on group date: Nikki (30)
Gets a 1-on-1 Date: Cassandra (30), Chelsie (30)
Reads a Date Card: Alli (50), Andi (50), Cassandra (50)
Receives first given rose at Ceremony: Andi (50) 

Eliminations Points:
JL:  100/each: Danielle, Lauren - ZERO earned
JR: 100/each: Danielle, Lucy - 100 earned
LL: 100/each: Danielle, Lauren - ZERO earned
DS: 50/each:  Alli, Cassandra, Danielle, Lucy - 50 earned
ME: 50/each:  Alli, Christy, Danielle, Lucy - 100 Earned
KW: 100/each:  Danielle, Lucy - 100 Earned
SR: 100/each: Cassandra, Sharleen - ZERO earned

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Thursday Thoughts


Starting this week (last night) - every other Wednesday, G and I are going to have date night. My wonderful MIL has agreed to watch EM 2x a month (schedule permitting) so that he and I can go out or do something, just the two of us. Once it warms up again (which I'm sure it will soon), we'll do something more active, maybe play tennis or something. Last night, we planned to go bowling. I even checked the website for the local bowling ally to see what time leagues were (make sure lanes would be open), cost of games/shoes, etc. Well, we went to dinner at Tijuana Flats and then headed over to the ally, and was surprised to see it closed down :( we never went there before and I hadn't  called in advance since all the info was on their website,so we arrived to an empty parking lot. It was too cold outside to do much of anything else, so we decided to go see a movie instead. Can you believe there are no romantic comedies playing?? We didn't want anything too serious, like Lone Survivor (which I DO want to see eventually). We ended up seeing Anchorman 2. I never saw the 1st one but G filled me in on the jist of it. It was alright. Stupid but funny and we were 2 of 4 total people in the theater. It served its purpose I guess but I would have preferred a Ronantic Comedy or a fun drama over that but there wasn't anything else playing that really struck my interest. EM was a good girl for her Nan and I'm happy to report we had a great Date Night. (Just need to make better plans next time and make sure places are open lol).

It's going to be a busy next few days/week at work as I finish up something I've been working on for quite a few months that is finally coming to a close. I love being busy at work (makes the day fly bye!)!

Less than a week until the DietBet I joined starts! There is still time to enter if you are interested... The pot is over $30k now!!! Click here if you want to join and/or learn more about it:

Speaking of diets/fitness - I haven't exercised all week again (which means I didn't start my plan I created last week) BOO! I'm full of excuses and laziness. Need to get motivated so I can win some money!! Plus, we're going on our anniversary cruise in less than 2 wks (yes, during DietBet - luckily it's at the beginning of the bet and it's a short cruise, so I think I'll be ok)

I needed a new pair of running shoes, so I figured I'd replace the ones I already own since I love them. Well I found them on Amazon for like $44 - I paid $100+ for my current pair less than a year ago. (they are Saucony Ride 5's and apparently they came out with 6's so the 5's are super cheap which made me super happy since I love them). Well they came in the mail over the weekend, I tried them on, they felt a little tighter than normal but I figured they just weren't broken in yet. Well, something possessed me to look at tounge tags and they had different stock numbers! (Even though it was the same link I had ordered from previously!) I emailed Saucony and asked what the difference was and apparently I received the narrow version. Boo! So those are back in the mail for a refund - thank you Amazon for free returns! (Even though it is their fault since they didn't specify normal or narrow width - I would have never purposely ordered narrow for my chubby feet lol) Unfortunately though, they no longer have my size on any of the sites I can find so looks like I'm going to the running store after my 5k on Saturday to be fitted for a new shoe (not sure the Ride 6's are best for me b/c of the "changes" of a new version but I will see what the experts say). I also plan to get a good pair of supportive flip flops from there too (per my Doctor's orders). Not looking forward to having my old running shoes for the race this weekend b/c they are starting to give me blisters. Oh well, it's only one more run in them and then off to the donation box they go. 


Other than the 5k (it's actually 5.2k since it's sponsored by Seasons 52), my only other plans for the weekend is my good friend's baby shower (my 3rd in 9 days!) on Saturday afternoon. 

And I'll eventually get my Bachelor Week 3 Recap / Fantasy Standings up, just been super busy all week!

Doesn't EM look like such a big girl at her table in school? She loves her new class!

And that concludes my Thursday Thoughts for today, a link-up with Jen @ Ramblings of a Suburban Mom.

What are your weekend plans? Anything exciting going on? 

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Bulu Box January 2014 Review

My Bulu Box came yesterday and to be honest, after my 1st month's box (I have a 3 month subscription + found a code for one completely free month, so I'll be getting 4 boxes total) I wasn't that impressed, so I was curious to see if this month would be better. 

For those of you that don't know, 
Bulu Box is the best way to discover vitamin, supplement, health and weight loss products! You can choose between Bulu Box or Bulu Box Weight Loss. Once you're signed up, you can earn an easy 50 points (that's $5!) or more each month by reviewing, sharing and completing short surveys about your products and samples. Use your Reward Points to purchase full-size versions of the products you like best. (that was the description straight from their website). It costs $10/month with free shipping. This was my second month receiving it and I received the ulu Box Weight Loss version.

There wasn't much of a "first look" since inside there were a ton of advertisements (for most of the items), but unlike last month, there was a true information card. I really appreciate info cards, especially for this type of box since I'm not sure what most of the items are used for. Here is what I received in my box: 

Body Glove Surge Energy Gel (Chocolate) - I like gels like this when I have long-ish races. I'm usually more of a fan of the fruity flavors, but I'll try this one out when I do my next >5k race. (~$2.09 for one packet)

Body360 Nutriontals Burn360 (2 Caplets) - I received these last month too. I still haven't tried them. Maybe If I get them each month I'll eventually have enough to see if I think they actually work. As I mentioned  last monthI don't think you could get a real "feel" if these work or not by trying 2 caplets when it says take 2-3 per day or 1/day to assess your tolerance. They are for curbs cravings and increases your metabolism and energy to supercharge your fat burn. (~1.39 for 2 caplets)

Mediterranean Snacks Tapaz 2 Go (Classic) - I LOVE HUMMUS! It's probably one of my favorite snacks (although I usually eat it with veggies to keep it a healthier snack) so I'm super excited to try this lentil chip and hummus snack. I do wish they would have given me a flavored hummus though. They are a little pricy for an every day snack. ($~2.99 for one snack pack)

Helps Tea Organic R&R (1 Sachet) - I don't like any tea of any kind so I don't ever appreciate receiving it in any of my boxes (and it comes in all of them from time to time - baby and beauty too!). From the website, it's described: "Organic R&R (Rest & Relax) promotes relief from everyday stress, providing relaxation with lemon balm and passion flower to ease you into peaceful sleep. Good for use at bedtime. Helps Tea is a 100% natural dietary supplement with no artificial colors or preservatives." (~$0.27 for one sachet)

Smarty Pants All in One Adult Weight Management Gummies (4 Gummies) - I love the concept of gummy multivitamins, but not when you have to take 6 a day. So a sample of less than one day's serving doesn't really do me any good except see if I like the way they taste. But, even if I liked the way they taste, I still wouldn't ever by a multivitamin that requires me to take so many and more than once a day. I'll stick to my one-a-day horse pills. (~$0.78 for 4 gummies)

Total Estimated Value of Box: $7.52  (not including shipping)
Total Cost of Box: $3.75 - it's normally $10 (free shipping), I paid less because I found a deal on Plum District

Overall Impression: Once again, not impressed ESPECIALLY since the value isn't even close to the $10 cost (even if I paid less). I also don't like items that you can't really try to get the full experience of with such a small sample size. That's 2 months in a row that I wasn't impressed, at all. The deal I found on on Plum District was for a 3 month subscription, plus I had found a completely free code, so I'll be getting 4 months total, and at this rate, I will not be renewing. I did however just complete my "profile" so maybe that'll help! I have seen other people post their boxes on Instagram and the look soo much better than mine!

If you want to sign up for Bulu Box, please use my referral link here.

Did you get  Bulu Box? What'd you get? Were you impressed? 

Disclosure: This post contains referral links.

Ipsy "19 Reasons" January 2014 Review

I received my ipsy Glam Bag yesterday! For those of you that don't know, ipsy is a monthly subscription service where or only $10/month (cancel at anytime!) you get a Glam Bag (make up bag) filled with 4-5 beauty products curated by Michelle Phan! You get ipsyPoints for reviewing your items (and for doing other things within the site) that can be used toward purchases of additional items. This was my second month receiving ipsy and I'm thrilled!

First things first, ipsy comes in a pretty envelope and inside is of course the Glam Bag stuffed with goodies - although one item was too big for the bag itself so it was obviously just in the main envelope (same thing happened last month). I know I'm not the only who who thought this, but the Glam Bag itself had a weird smell (plastic maybe?) and I definitely won't be using it again, not that I need it or even "count" it as an item but sometimes they are super cute bags. The theme this month was "19 Reasons" and looks like they were promoting 19 brands and called it "19 Reasons that 2014 will be Amazing". Now I know they they definitely don't send out a true information card (which I prefer) as this is my 2nd month receiving no information card. However, an information card isn't really necessary since all items can be found on their website and all have coupon codes for additional purchases if you want to buy some more. It looks like there were a possibility of 20 items (although multiple variations/shades of some items) and each subscriber got some combination of 5 of them depending on their preferences from their ipsy beauty quiz match. Now on to my goodies!

Nourish Organic - Lightweight Moisturizing Face Lotion - I hardly use any moisturizer, although I'm trying to get better about it, so this will help. This kind is Fragrance Free, Alochol-Free, Gluten-Free, and Vegan. (~$6.47 for 0.5 oz sample)

Coastal Scents - Small Foundation Brush - This is another item I don't typically use but probably should, and now that I own one, I will make it a point to use it! I used this brush this morning (with the foundation I received) and it seemed to work well for a foundation brush - blended the foundation smoothly on my skin. I'm surprised this brush is so cheap as well! I hope it lasts! ($2.95)

Épicé - Purifying Exfoliant - I used this in the shower last night and loved it.  It didn't feel harsh at all and my face felt extra clean afterwards. (~$9.70 for 1 oz sample)

MicaBeauty - Tinted Lip Balm (Natural) - This is supposed to be a 24 hour lip balm. I'd say it lasted maybe 2 hours - well the moisture part, the color may have lasted but I didn't really pay attention. I loved the color I received; it looked great on me (I'm not a big lip-color type of person). Personally, this is wayyy too expensive for me to repurchase though. (~$18.75 for 2.5g sample)

Yaby - Liquid Foundation (Buff) - somehow this color is perfect for me.  I thought the coverage was good and light and seemed to last. I'm a little disappointed that on the site ipsy referred me to, I wasn't able to find the Liquid Foundation to see how much it costs to re-purchase. I could only find the Cream foundation. However, I was able to find it on google and they did give the full sized item too! ($13.55 for 15.4 g)

Total Estimated Value: $51.42 (not including the bag itself or any shipping) 
Total Price Paid: $10 (free shipping)

Overall Impression: another month I can say "WOW"! I'm totally impressed and love my bag. I have several friends who didn't care for their bags this month and when comparing Birchbox to ipsy they prefered Birchbox, but if I'm comparing my January Birchbox to my January ipsy, I'm going to have to say  ipsy takes the cake on both selection of items and value.  

If you are interested in signing up for ipsy, use my referral link (and I thank you in advance for some ipsyPoints to use for future add on items!)

Did you get ipsy this month? Did you like it? What'd you get?

**FUTURE GIVEAWAY** once I got 100 followers on BlogLovin' or 200 on Facebook (whichever happens first) - I am going to host a giveaway with all my Birchbox and ipsy items that aren't things I would typically use but I know others who would love. So make sure you follow me if you are reading me!

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Sunday, January 19, 2014

Bluum January 2014 Review

I received my January Bluum Box(es) the other day. I have two subscriptions for Bluum  and I screwed up my "pausing", so I ended up getting two identical boxes this month. Well same items, but different variations on a few of the items at least. Whoops! One was at least free with my points. 

Bluum is a monthly subscription service where you receive a box each month with products that are based on your child's age, gender and developmental stage. The boxes start as low as $21/month if you choose a longer subscription or just $24.95/month for one month, and you can cancel anytime. If you use my referral link ( you can get your first month 50% off, so it's not a bad deal to try out for $12.50! Which considering they advertise a $40+ value, you can definitely get a good deal of goodies for much less if you get a good box!

Here is my review of my box, which is for my 14 month old, daughter and the approximate retail value I found for each item from their specific website (or Amazon, since if you know me, I'm an Amazon Junkie and would most likely buy from there). Sometimes I have to do some math because the sizes aren’t quite the same, hence why they are approximate values. 

the packaging
first look
my second box (different book and blankie though)

This month, the box was filled with a ton of filler again but it looked like there were a bunch of great items!

Melissa and Doug - Slide and Seek Safari ($6.61) - this is a cute wooden toy that helps teach cause and effect, I'm sure EM will love it We love Melissa and Doug toys!

Angel Dear Blankie - Mouse ($10.75) - EM loves these blankies, however, we have a handful of them already between gifts and subscription boxes. So with getting two of these blankies this month, I decided I would just give them to two of my friends who are expecting babies and I'll be attending their showers this month. 

Happy Tot Super Toddler Bars (Organic Apple and Kale Crisp and Organic Mixed Berry Crunch) (~$0.87/each x 2) - We get a lot of Happy brand items between Bluum and Citrus Lane, most of them EM likes, some she does not. I'll throw these in my diaper bag for when we are in need of a snack. 

Kingfisher Books - Baby Animals in the Sea ($5.39) - this is an adorable book and I love baby animals so I'll enjoy reading this to EM. It seems to be a good quality board book.

Deep Stick Moisture Stick - Grapefruit Bergamot ($3.35) - This was an item for Mom. I've received one of these in the past and to be honest, I have no idea where it is. I've read these are great so I may have to actually use one of them. 

Oscillococcinum (3 doses) (~$5.55) - This is also an item for Mom. II've used a sample of this in the past (probably from a subscription box) and it seemed to work well. It's supposed to relieve you of flu-like symptoms

Total Estimated Value of Box: $33.39 not including shipping)
Total Cost of Box: $24.95 (free shipping)

Overall impression: I love all the items and according to the information card (sent via email) it does total to over $40 if you don't buy from Amazon (although I use Amazon to get my comparable pricing since that is where I would most likely buy the items from). I will continue my subscription after all, at least for one more month!

As mentioned above, If you are interested in signing up for Bluum… use my referral link and get 50% off your first box (and I’ll get a credit as well): and I'll love you forever! You can also review you items and earn points towards free boxes as well!

Remember, you can cancel at any time, so your first box would only be $12.47 (with the single month pricing), not too shabby! .

Did you get Bluum this month? What'd you think? What age is your box for?

Disclosure: This post contains referral links!