Saturday, July 12, 2014

eShakti Piper Dress Review

A few weeks ago I was contacted by eShakti to see if I'd be interested in writing a product review. This was the first time I've received a request like this, and I had never heard of eShakti before but I knew I'd be interested. 

eShakti describes themselves as the only online women's fashion apparel company offering size 0-36W & Custom clothing. I found their website very easy to navigate and loved the selections the offered. The idea that they have such a wide range of sizes and styles on everything was refreshing. I liked how every item could be customized to a specific length and if applicable, sleeve style. How many times have you saw an item online or in stores and said "Oh that'd be perfect if only it wasn't so short, or if only it had thicker sleeve?" I know I've gone through that on several occasions. It appears eShakti  caters to that specifically, and not just for the "model-thin" girls either. 

The item I selected was the Piper Dress, in Ultramarine. I ordered a size M-8, and put in my height of 5'2". Even though I was offered the custom styling, I decided to go with the standard as I really liked the dress as shown (knee length and sleeveless). This would be perfect for work with a cardigan (after the baby weight is loss). 

Since i'm pregnant and clearly not a regular size 8 (ha, I'm not even a maternity size 8 at this point #ilovefood), I can't exactly try the dress on to see how it fits, however, based on the way it looks and from holding it up next to another size 8 dress I own, it looks to be true to size. 

The dress shipped very quickly, via DHL, directly from India. Inside the DHL envelope, the dress was in a cardboard box and then within the box, it was wrapped in a nicely sealed plastic bag. The dress itself had a very lightweight feel and seemed more "woven poplin" than "spandex",  even though the description says exactly that, I was just expecting it to be more spandex-y based on the picture, although I'm glad it's not since more spandex-y will be harder to fit into nicely with my post-preggo body! I also like that they have a snap-close on the v-neck as sometimes on the lower cut dresses, they show a little too much cleavage. It also have the bra strap clasps on the shoulders which I love as I hate when my bra straps slide down my shoulders! 

definitely needs a good iron though!

I can't say I would have paid $74.95 for this dress as I don't spend that much on ANY of my clothes, but it does appear they offer lots of specials which would make them more competitive/affordable.  Also, the fact that they go up to much larger sizes is helpful as I know many plus-size women have difficulty finding stylish clothes to fit their body shapes.

Currently, their website says Buy 2, Get 1 Free plus  you can get a $25 credit for signing up. They do charge shipping based on the cost of the items (cost before promotions are applied), but I wouldn't be surprised to see them eventually run a free-shipping type promotion as most online retailers offer those from time to time. 

 eShakti can be found at or on FacebookPinterest & Twitter.

Disclosure: I received this item in exchange for my honest review. No other compensation was received, all opinions are my own. 

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