Thursday, June 19, 2014

Birchbox June 2014

My June Birchbox came a few days ago but I've been slacking on doing anything at all at night besides eating and sleeping (#PreggoProblems) so only getting a chance to post about it now. For those of you that don't now, Birchbox is a monthly subscription (cancel/pause any time) where you get a monthly box, delivered to your front door, of 4-6 high-end beauty and lifestyle samples from top brands. The best part, it's only $10/month! (and free shipping!)

Birchbox is always delivered in a nice (usually pink) box and within the packaging; there is always a nice little box with all the goodies. The theme this month was "Away We Go" and talked about being ready for road trips, stay cations, and destination hopping and always having travel-ready samples ready to go! Birchbox always includes a great information card which explains each item and the value for the full size (I post the value for the sample size received - which is sometimes a full size item). Here is what I got this month:

Caudalie Polyphenol C15 Anti-Wrinkle Defense Serum (~$4.13 for 2 mL / 0.06 fl oz sample) - This item is described: "This oil-free, antioxidant-rich concentrate is loaded with vitamin C to shield your face from wrinkle-causing free radicals (UV rays, smog, and the like), while reversing previous damage and improving overall skin quality. The result: a brighter, smoother, more hydrated appearance." I don't do much in regards to anti-wrinkle/aging, but since I received two items this month regarding it maybe I should start :) 

Davines Love Smoothing Shampoo (~$7.50 for 75 mL / 2.5 fl oz sample), Love Smoothing Conditioner (~$1.41 for 12 mL / .41 fl oz sample), and OI All in One Milk (~ $0.83 for 4mL / 0.13 fl oz sample) – I was excited to see the sample size of the shampoo, but seriously why is the conditioner sample so small? I hate foil packets and I would want to use equal parts of both shampoo and conditioner. I have never heard of hair milk and as far the description states, seems like it is just a leave in conditioner. I’ll be interested to try it, although once again a VERY small sample.

Egyptian Magic All-Purpose Skin Cream (~$2.38 for 7.5 mL / .25 fl oz sample) – I was totally expecting a cream, but this is more like a balm. Doesn’t have a scent that I can tell and doesn’t go on greasy either. I’ll probably used this as a facial moisturizer since I suck at using moisturizers/cream anywhere else.

ElevenSkin Perfection Eye Creme + Concealer ($30 for 14.8 mL / .5 oz FULL-SIZE sample) – With the bags I’ve had under my eyes and the ones that will come after the lack of the sleep I’ll be getting once baby is born, this is so going to be needed! This is probably the most expensive full-sized item (don’t get full-sized items too often either) I have ever received from Birchbox.

Harvey Prince Hello (~$1.65 for 1.5 mL sample) – definitely like the fragrance but wouldn’t say LOVE it. I love getting new fragrance samples in my Birchbox because I don’t regularly seek out new scents.

Total Estimated Value of Box: ~$47.90 (not including shipping)
Total Cost of Box: $10.00 (Free Shipping)

Overall Impression: This was definitely the highest “value” I have ever received in a Birchbox. I think overall I would have rather received larger samples of the conditioner/IO milk and had them hold off on some of the other items until a future month but nonetheless it’s a great box, even if it does make me worry about my lack-of anti-aging skin care routine.

If you are interested in signing up for Birchbox, use my referral link. If you review each product monthly you also get credit money in the Birchbox shop. If you review each product each month (assuming there are 5 - this month there were 7) that equals $5 so the box itself pretty much costs $5 which is a great deal!

My box was "Birchbox 41" - if you click here and then change the last number you can see the different variations of boxes that were sent out, looks like there were 56 different variations this month.

Which box did you get this month? Did you like it?

Disclosure: This post contains referral links! 

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