Thursday, June 19, 2014

Thursday Thoughts - First Plane Ride and Pool Parties

this picture just cracks me up!
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Tonight EM and I are heading to Long Island! The main purpose of the trip is to attend my Cousin's baby shower, but since almost ALL of my mom and dad's family still live up there, I'd feel bad not trying to see as many people as possible during my 3 days there. This results in us driving all around Long Island, which means it will not be relaxing at all but it'll be nice to see a lot of people and introduce Emily to them since many have not met her yet. My cousin is having a very unique baby shower, unique in the sense that it is also going to be her gender reveal.. to herself and her boyfriend! I don't know how she has waited this long nor how everyone who knows kept it a secret (the invites told us all what the baby was but to keep it hush hush). I think it's a really unique way to find out, although I just can't believe no one slipped. (or she's really good at keeping it a secret if someone did slip!) Can't wait to see her reaction on Sunday when she walks in and finds out if it's a boy or a girl based on the decor of the shower! 

This will be EM's first time on a plane. Since the flight leaves a good hour after she normally goes to bed, I'm hoping she'll sleep on it. Otherwise, I'm nervous how she'll be, espeically since she's a "lap child" and doesn't have a seat. Since we are flying Southwest and we pick our own seats, I'm hoping it's not a full flight and no one wants to sit next to us so we can have more space. A lap child on a 5 month pregnant belly doesn't sound enjoyable (sometimes I wonder what I was thinking booking this flight without G coming along). EM also has very little interest in movies or technology so if she doesn't sleep, keeping her entertained for 2.5 hours will be interesting. I've brought snacks, her favorite books, and her favorite stacking cups. Wish us luck!

Let's see, what else have we been up to? Other than feeling like crap the last few weeks on and off (preggo related I believe) we haven't done too much. Our 2nd shot of EM's 18 month shoot went much better - well once G showed up -  and other than the fact that it was 90+ degrees outside and I learned EM does NOT like sand or the grass, this makes me very sad, I need her to like the sand, how else can we go to the beach?? The photographer gave us all of the pictures - over 100 - (even the not so good ones) and overall we are happy with how many good ones we got between the two shoots.  Here are a few collages of my favorites:

Last weekend, G's parents had a pool opening party. When we built our new house and then had EM, they decided 40 minutes was too far away and built a house down the street. We love having them so close and they put in an awesome pool and had a big party to celebrate the grand opening of the pool, complete with ribbon cutting!. My parents (they get along awesomely with G's family) came up for the party as well and we all had a great time at the party! G's sister was in town as well which was nice to spend some time with her since EM and I haven't seen her (besides facetime) since EM was a few months old. I wish I took pictures of all the cute pool party themed things my mother-in-law made like nutter butter flip flop cookies, center pieces that were sand pails filled with "life savers" and "pool noodles" (candy!) The pool has a swim up pool bar complete with 4 barstools and an awesome "beach" area where the water is only a few inches deep which is perfect for lounging (and for young ones to play!) There are also fun "extras" like lights, bubblers and water spouts which you can't really see in the pictures since they weren't on. They have a few fun mosaics including one that say "It's 5 o'clock somewhere' on the wall, fishes and turtles (you can see the turtles in the pictures).

EM had a blast in the pool!
kind of blurry but EM enjoyed her first lollipop!

the ribbon cutting, complete with jumbo scissors
EM and her Aunt Christie - FaceTime does help with being far away, EM ran straight to her!

Since I last posted, we've continued swim lesson, didn't see a Triple Crown win, celebrated Father's Day (just hung out at my in-laws, playing in the pool and having dinner) and the US won their first game in the World Cup! 
Playing while we watched the Belmont Stakes

Ready to cheer on the USA!!

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