Friday, September 19, 2014

That's Good Enough for Another....

...UCF First Down!!! Music to all UCF fan's ears! Today is our 1st home game and I'm super excited! We lost our first two games (barely lost the Penn State Game  and got killed by Missouri) but hopefully being back at home will help! I hope to hear lots of "first down" commentary tonight!  We did lose our star QB and RB to the NFL after last season but we've got a good team, they just need to play well! 

I love tailgating and everything that goes along with the home, gameday experience. Well, I love it even more when I can indulge in some good drinking but that clearly isn't an option this season. I'm just glad I'm making it to any home games at all. This might be my only one (although having ABs will more than make up for the missed games!). Sitting in Memory Mall (where most of the students tailgate), people watching, grilling (or just eating yummy tailgate food in general), playing drinking games (hey, I can still play with water lol), and just enjoying the atmosphere... Ah there is just something about it! Love it! 

Last season EM was great during the games, would even sleep through the noise but I'm not so confident she'll make it through an entire game tonight.  At least she looks adorable, even if we do end up having to leave early! 

Here's hoping my one and only home game this season will end with a big WIN! Go Knights! 

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