Wednesday, October 22, 2014

4 Weeks Postpartum = My Return to Fitness

Today marks 4 weeks since AB has entered into the world, which means I'm 4 weeks postpartum, my maternity leave is half over and other than slightly sleep deprived, I'm feeling great in regards to recovery. 

At my 2 week postpartum appointment (to check my c-section incision), my doctor said I could begin walking for exercise but that's pretty much it. I had been taking it VERY easy up until then (I had heard some horror stories for post c-sections with incisions opening back up and causing weeks more of pain so I followed the rules) and was excited to get the "all clear" to at least begin walking again. My next appointment is at 6 weeks postpartum and am hoping he'll give me the all clear to start really working out again (strength training and running) but until then, I walk. To date, I've walked 14.15 miles which is  almost as much asI walked from April to September while pregnant. 

A few weeks before AB was born, I had posted about my "post baby plans" which were all contingent on her arrival date and type of birth. Now I'm ready to put those plans in action. Friday will be my first "weigh in" on the blog for "Follow through Friday" but I have already started a few things which I'll highlight below. This Friday, I'll do a snap shot of my progress and an update of my Motivation Board.

I joined two DietBets:

Jillian's Beginner Shred Challenge - 4% loss in 4 weeks - which ends on November 4th and has a current pot of $215,730 
The Transformer - 10% loss in 6 months and has monthly goals to hit:
Round 1 ends on November 7th - 3% loss 
Round 2 ends on December 6th - 6% cumulative loss 
Round 3 ends on January 6th - 8% cumulative loss 
Round 4 ends on February 6th - 9% cumulative loss
Round 5 ends on March 6th - 10% cumulative loss
Round 6 ends of April 6th - maintain 10% cumulative loss

I may join additional monthly DietBets after Jillian's is over; since I'm already doing the Transformer, it just makes sense since I can earn more money for effort I'm already doing! 

I have also started tracking my meals again on MyFitnessPal and have bought myself a FitBit as an early Birthday Present to help motivate me as well! (user name is NiseyyD on both, if you want to be friends on there). Finally I've also re-started my Pact which I'm wagering $5 per day for 4 days of 30 minute activities per week OR 4 days of 10,000+ steps on my FitBit in hopes to keep me motivated. The payout on Pact is minimal but the incentive to not lose $5 for not hitting my goals has worked in the past. 

I'm really hoping all this helps me reach my goals (which will also be like gaining a new wardrobe since I haven't been able to fit in the majority of my closet in way too long!)

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