Friday, March 6, 2015

Follow Through Friday - Another PR and still on Track

Another two weeks have flown by! I last left off with my Princess Half Marathon coming up. Well, I finished it and in case you missed my recap, I set another Personal Record! (2:35:24)! Woohoo! I also went on a weekend cruise with G for our anniversary which included a lot of drinking and eating. I’m happy to see that even though when I stepped on the scale Monday I had gained like 5 lbs, by my weigh in this morning, I overall had lost since last week. Getting RIGHT back on track once home, helps. I ran (only 2 miles) the morning we left for the cruise and then didn’t run again until last night. I really struggled last night. It’s amazing how much “fitness” you can lose by taking essentially a week off, especially when 4 days of that week is filled with boozing. I had brought my running shoes on the cruise, but needless to say, I never made it to the gym. I did take the stairs everywhere though. I think I went on the elevator only ONCE and it was to go up like 7 levels. Every other time I took the stairs.  I guess that was better than nothing. It’s been a really long week at work, 10+ hour days each day and that contributed to my laziness (non-running) as well. I feel like after every big race I do (other than celebration!), I don’t run much for a few weeks after. I do have a 10k+2 miler double race next weekend so I’m going to get my runs in this week. I know I’m shifting focus to speed vs. miles but only running/walking 6 miles this week is a JOKE!

I finally got my “reward” facial for hitting 170 lbs and based on two consecutive weeks of being under 165 I think it’s safe to say I earned my 165 lb reward as well! Tomorrow is my Round 5 Transformer weigh in, and as of this morning I hit it (with .2 lbs to spare, so here’s hoping the scale doesn’t move too much – up anyways - over night!) As of this morning, I’ve lost more than 10% in 5 months, which I really should be proud of. It’s just hard to be proud when I don’t FEEL like I lost that much. The majority of my clothes still don’t fit and my stomach still looks huge (IMO). I know some people notice the weight loss, and they’ve told me so, I just wish I could see it on myself. The only thing I’ve really noticed is my face looking thinner. I know you are always your worst critic, and I hate that! I’m just hoping once I lose a little more, I’ll start noticing it on myself more! But happy to report, I'm still on track, slowly but surely, I'll get to where I want to be!

Last Week (week ending 2/27):
Weight: 164 lbs
     13.68 miles in 2:35:36 (11:23 pace))
     1.00 mile in 9:45 (9:45 pace)
     1.85 miles
Total Miles: 16.53 miles

This week
Weight: 163.3 lbs
     2.00 miles in 19:38 (9:49 pace)
     1.45 miles in 15:00 (10:21 pace)
     1.00 miles in 9:53 (9:53 pace)
     .81 miles
     .89 miles
Total Miles: 6.15 miles  (wow, I haven’t had a week of miles this low in a LONG time)

I'm heading to Cincinnati on Sunday for work for a few days. I'll be back at the hotel where there is only ONE treadmill, wish me luck to finding it open! 

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