Saturday, March 28, 2015

Follow Through Friday(s) - Making Progress

Here is two weeks worth of posts.. I wrote the first one last week and forgot to post it. 

Post from 3/20:
Another week, another pound. I just can’t seem to socially eat/drink in a healthy way. There are ALWAYS healthy options, but I of course go for the non-healthy options.  Had two birthday parties, a bbq, and St. Patricks day this week and it’s a wonder I lost at all. I guess it helps I keep my eating on point during the days I don’t have any plans, but almost every single weekend we’ve got something going on and I just can’t resist the temptations. Like, we’re going to an open-bar wedding tonight and tomorrow we’re celebrating my grandfather’s birthday. One NSV (non-scale victory) this week was, I did pre-choose my meal for Yard House before I went out for lunch yesterday. I looked up the nutrition facts on their website before heading out and picked out what I was going to get, actually ordered that specific entrée (490 calorie Thai chicken noodle salad) and even though everything on the menu looked delicious I didn’t order anything besides what I planned (it was very hard to find something under 500 calories there!). It was very yummy and a big enough portion to fill me up too! Baby steps to making some better decisions? Maybe? My race on Saturday went terrible; you can read all about it here, but at least I finished and burned those calories before we went to one of the birthday parties mentioned above!

Weight: 164.2 lbs

     2.00 miles in 25:08 (12:34 pace)
     6.20 miles in 1:15:27 (12:10 pace)
     2.00 miles in 22:29 (11:15 pace)
     1.00 miles in 10:11 (10:11 pace)
     5.08 total miles (combined)

Total Miles: 16.28 miles Overall Weight Lost since "Starting Point" 10/24/14: 12.4 lbs

Post for this week, 3/27:

I'm at the lowest weight I have been since I had ABS and it feels great! I went shopping last night and bought a pair of size 8 shorts, granted we all know Old Navy runs bigger than most brands, like I couldn't even fit in the size 10 shorts at Target and these fit comfortably! I have a few other pairs of size 8 in my closet that are a different cut/style that don't fit yet but I'm confident they will soon! This week, I took a really quick trip to California for work, I stuck to my calorie limit while eating out /traveling for two full days, which I never seem to do while traveling. I looked everything up and logged it all. I got a run in too! More Non-Scale Victories! 

I decided I’m going to start my strength training again now that I’m not running as high of mileage each week (not that that should have been a reason NOT to do it, but I let it be a reason). I know that will help burn more fat and maybe will give me the re-focus I need.  I think 10-15 miles of walking/running a week will be my goal until I start half-training again and at least ONE day of strength training. I already have my workouts for it, just need to start. I only ran one day this week and walked one day, so that part wasn't very good. 

Weight: 162.4 lbs

     3.1 miles in 35:08 (11:19 pace)
     1.34 total miles (combined)

Total Miles: 4.44 miles Overall Weight Lost since "Starting Point" 10/24/14: 14.2 lbs

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