Friday, April 10, 2015

Follow Through Friday - Crazy, Busy Week and a Head Cold

What a crazy, busy week! I was so exhausted from the weekend that I went to bed super early Monday night and TuesdayI was at a conference all day and then a reception in the evening, so by the time I got home from that, it was 8pm and I went to bed early again. It takes me a few days to catch up on my sleep if I have a late night over the weekend. WhichSaturday night I didn’t get to bed until 1:45am and was up tossing and turning at 5am so out of bed by 7. We had such a fun filled weekend with Easter festivities and a BBQ with our awesome neighbors.

I was really bad with my food all weekend and on Tuesday at the conference, which of course made me feel like crap afterwards. Such a vicious cycle I put myself through. I did however make my final Transformer Diet Bet weigh in and in 6 months, I lost 10% and won $295.94!! (Profit of $150.94 after my buy in). I’m pretty stoked about that! I’m in two more overlapping transformers and hoping the final payouts are similar! I love making money for doing what I’m doing! This week coming, I have no plans on the weekend and won’t be leaving the house as we are doing a 3-day potty training boot camp with EM so I won’t have any temptations. No eating out, no drinking, no bad snacks (other than all that Easter candy on the counter.. but I’ve been pretty good about not eating the holiday candy – I let myself have two small pieces per day if wanted!) I have three DietBet weigh ins this week (WednesdayFriday, and Saturday) and am determined to hit them, and if I do, I’ll finally be in the 150’s which is my April goal!

I did minimal exercise this week, but got in two really good runs at least. I got up early on Saturday morning and ran on the trail with some ladies from MRTT, they were running 9 miles, so I only ran ~2 with them and turned back as I was only planning on 4. Last week, I hit my fastest post-children 5k and this week I improved it by 45 seconds! I was SO not in the mood to exercise on Wednesday, but I got on the treadmill anyways and decided to give it a go. I almost stopped at 1 mile, and then 2, and then said you know what, let’s just do a 5k and see where I end up. I’m so glad I kept going and pushed myself as I’m pretty dang impressed with myself! This is the fastest 5k I’ve ran since 2011! I didn't get in any strength training this week, Tuesday I was at the conference/reception and then Thursday I went home from work sick with a head cold and slept pretty much all day/night. Feeling a little better today and hoping to get a run in tonight at least. 

Weight: 163.2 lbs

     4.18 miles in 47:00 (11:15 pace)
     3.1 miles in 31:05 (10:02 pace)  <- NEW fastest 5k since having either baby
     1.2 total miles (combined)

Total Miles: 8.48 miles

Overall Weight Lost since "Starting Point" 10/24/14: 13.4 lbs

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