Friday, April 17, 2015

Follow Through Friday - the next 10

Whew, this week was tough, but I did it! The potty training I mentioned last week didn’t end up happening (after one entire day, she still wasn’t even getting it, even a little bit, so we’ll try again in a few months), but I did pretty well over the weekend without indulging too much (although DID have more than just 2 pieces of Easter candy each day, whoops!) despite not being stuck at home. I hit my 1st and 2nd diet bet weigh-ins this week, plus have one more tomorrow (they haven't finalized the payouts yet, so I’ll report back next week on those). And I finally hit the 150’s, which is SO exciting to me! There is just something about hitting the next “tens” spot that really just excites me!

I didn’t get in a lot of exercise this week. I still am not feeling 100% (congested/coughing) but overall feeling much better; but just ultimately didn’t take the time to get the exercise in. I did one walk, two runs, and one night of strength training. Granted, the 3 days of exercise (I don’t count the walk, that’s just an “extra”) were GOOD, solid workouts, but I really am trying to run 3x a week and strength train 2x a week. So, with that goal in mind, this week was well, weak. However, I DID shave off another 54 seconds on my 5k time since last week. I’m really trying to get under a sub-30 5k, and I think in a few more weeks, I may actually hit it (on the treadmill at least, outside it is harder to control my speed). I have a goal in 2015 to race a sub-30 5k, so I’m putting a lot of effort into my speed lately. I’m so close!

Weight: 159.6 lbs

     3.1 miles in 30:43 (9:55 pace)  
     3.1 miles in 30:11 (9:44 pace) <- NEW fastest 5k since having either baby!
     2.92 miles (walk)
     Shoulders/Back (2x)
     Arms (2x)
Total Miles: 9.12 miles

Overall Weight Lost since "Starting Point" 10/24/14: 17.0 lbs

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  1. Awesome job on taking 54 secs off your 5K time! I really need to find a local 5K to sign up for. My time is more like 12 min miles though but I'm okay with that. Well, that's what they were a couple of years ago.


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