Friday, May 15, 2015

Follow through Friday - Attempting a NSV

After last week’s emotional post, this one will seem MUCH more upbeat as I overall had a great week! I was off work Friday and out running a bunch of errands but managed to stay on target, even with attending EM’s “Muffins with Mom” Mother’s Day celebration at school. I knew Saturday was going to be my “cheat” day as we were attending a Charity Event (the 2015 Give Kids the World Black and White Gala). I ate light throughout the day knowing I’d be having a big 4 course dinner and lots of alcohol (open bar!). Without doing any “scheduled” exercises on Saturday, I still hit over 19k steps from all the dancing and walking around the event (plus my errands earlier in the day) so that was pretty impressive. Unfortunately, I drank a little too much on Saturday night so wasn’t feeling that great on Sunday, which helped me not eat a lot. I treated myself to Panera (my only meal that day since I was hungover until like 4pm) and since it was Mother’s Day. The rest of this week, I’ve killed it with my eating and exercise with some impressive paces too (although not for very long distances, still working on that).
Instead of just trying to maintain, which as I mentioned last week would cause me to not hit my DietBet weigh ins Sunday and Monday, I’ve decided I’m going to try really hard to hit them. Tonight I'm going out with some friends for a Paint Nite which is at a reataurant. A very expensive restaurant so my cheapness will make it easy to not eat or drink there since I don't need to pay $8 for a beer or $15 for a basic burger. I'll just eat before I go. Tomorrow we have a community pool party/potluck (in which we’ve also invited a few neighbors we are really close with back to our house after that), which means a ton of party food and alcohol. I’ve already made the decision to not drink and stick to my calories the best I can, and have plans to go for a run in the morning with my MRTT mommas. I’m hoping I wake up on Sunday with a NSV (non-scale victory) of sticking to my guns and not indulging. Earlier this week, I was texting with G about what we are bringing to the pool party (his super awesome mac and cheese) and about how it’s going to be so hard to pass over all the yummy party food (I love me some potluck party food!). I then said I’m going to be pissed if I’m good at the party (and don’t eat the yummy “bad “food) and then still don’t hit my weigh in on Sunday morning. And you know what he said? “Even if you don’t hit your goal, you shouldn’t be pissed, you should be PROUD.” And he’s absolutely right, I should be proud when I stick to my decisions, regardless of the outcomes. Hence my goal of a NSV even if I don’t get my scale victory. (Although it does make it more frustrating when you don’t hit the overall goal or see progress). Here’s hoping my hard work and determination pays off this week!
Weight: 159.4 lbs
     3.2 miles in 32:00 (10:00 pace)  ~ estimated since I accidently cleared the screen TWICE during that run. 
     2.00 miles (09:29 pace)
     1.00 mile (09:19 pace)
     0.56 mile (walk)
     0.25 mile (walk)
     Shoulders/Back (2x)
     Arms (2x)
Total Miles: 7.01 miles
Overall Weight Lost since "Starting Point" 10/24/14: 17.2 lbs

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