Friday, September 4, 2015

Follow Through Friday - September Goals + 50 lbs gone

It's a new month, which means new goals! But before I get to those, let's recap my last week. I mentioned last week, that my long run was going to be on Friday at the Clay Loop. Well, I loved it! It was definitely a little tougher than the trail, but it was a nice change of scenery and I know the hills will really help my pace when it comes race time. I had met up with two other MRTT friends to run on Friday, and these two girls are definitely faster than me typically so I was hoping I didn't slow them down too much. I ended up having a great time with great conversation and ended up with a great pace too! I know had I been out by myself I wouldn't have been able to maintain that pace as I hardly ever do when I'm by myself. I as feeling so good after that run, I decided to run one more "magic mile" after I got home just to see what kind of pace I could get. And it was much warmer outside and I still pulled out a 9:22 mile! We also took this really awesome picture after the run (yes, it was totally staged, but how awesome is it??!!)

I met up with my mom and sister on Friday afternoon and we took the girls (and my nephew) to Magic Kingdom for a few hours. By the end of Friday, I had over 29,000 steps on my Fit Bit. I haven't had that many in a day probably since my last half marathon!

Saturday we went to the Orlando City Soccer Club game, well kind of, we tailgated and went in and got sick of all the rain delays so we ended up leaving before the game actually started but regardless, I drank entirely too much (and didn't drink hardly ANY water and didn't eat too much) so I was REALLY hungover on Sunday. It was really bad. I couldn't eat or drink anything until 5pm and even Monday I wasn't 100%. Completely awful and definitely not something I want to experience again, although knowing me, this won't be my last really bad hangover. Not that being that hungover was a good thing, but at least not eating all day Sunday, probably evened out for all the beer I consumed on Saturday, so I didn't have a horrible weigh in on Monday.

I got a really good run in on Tuesday night (30 min 5k!) when I was finally feeling better! I also knew I was getting my hair done on Wednesday night and wouldn't want to "waste" the styling and go run after getting it done, or Thursday morning, I decided to bite the morning bullet and get up Wednesday morning  BEFORE work so I could get my last run in for the week since I knew we'd be at the UCF game all day on Thursday (plus, as I mentioned above, I wanted to get at least a day out of my newly cut/colored/styled hair).

After Sunday's bad hangover, I knew I was going to take it easy at the tailgate/game for UCF on Thursday (stupid week day games make me mad, but I took a vacation day since it was the season opener!). Not to mention, I had to work today (Friday) and had the girls with me. I didn't eat the greatest, but only had a one beer, and my Friday weigh in wasn’t too bad at all!

During this week, September 1st came and I decided to set some September goals. First and foremost, finally hit my Transformer weigh in goal of 150.7 lbs - with the ultimate weight goal for September being to hit 150.0! Well, on Thursday, I woke up to 150.0 on the scale! It felt SO good to finally see that on the scale! I rewarded myself by getting a new UCF tank top to wear to the game. Of course I’m up a little bit today, and actually surprised it isn’t worse because of all the snacking I did at the tailgate, but I’m still under my transformer goal and now just need to keep this momentum going so I maintain it for my September 19th weigh in. My other two goals are to stick to my half training plan to log 50 miles of RUNNING this month. I always count/log my walks too, but my goal is specific to running and if I hit goal 2 (my 4 long runs alone total 26 of those miles), there is no reason I shouldn't hit goal 3.  I have 11 miles planned for this weekend alone, 5 miles Saturday on the Clay Loop again, and then another 6 on Monday (Labor Day)! Since I have a 5k race on September 12th, which would have been my 6 mile day for my plan so I’ll just swap those two data and do my 6 miles Monday and my 30 minute run on Saturday at the race!

Results for the week:
Weight:  150.6
Half Marathon training:
     Run 1: 4.21 miles in 42:36 (10:07 pace)
     Run 2: 3.10 miles in 30:00 (9:41 pace)     
     Run 3: 2.91 miles in 30:00 (10:19 pace) 

     Run: Friday – 1.0 mile in 9:22 
     Walk: Tuesday – 0.87 miles

Total Weekly (Running) Miles Logged: 11.22 miles
Total September Miles Logged: 6.01
 (of 50)

Overall Weight Lost since "Starting Point" 10/24/14: 26.6lbs

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