Sunday, February 14, 2016

Tails & Trails 10k Race Recap

Yesterday, I ran the Tails & Trails 10k. This is my 3rd race in 3 weeks, and 3rd 10k this year. (Can we say race addiction?)  I got in a few good runs this week after the Heart & Sole 10k last weekend, including one in 29 degree, up hill Maryland while on travel for work. I hardly ever run back to back days, but with the Glass Slipper Challenge coming up next weekend, I decided I should do some back to back days and I did twice this week, including Friday night, before this race saturday morning. 

The Tails & Trails 10k was another small-ish local race (not as small as last week though) also held in Clermont. It was held at Lake Hiawatha Preserve, which I had never been to before, and went a little ways along Lake Minneola and then on the South Lake Trail. They had a 5k and a 10k going on and started the 10k 15 minutes earlier than the 5k. They took us 10kers a little different path (along the lake) than the 5kers and we merged around 1.5 milers with the 5k course and we ran the same course until the 5kers turned around and us 10kers kept going until our turn around. I didn't particularly like how they had us merging as this race had a decent amount of kids running the 5k and it was hard to maneuver around them during the merge. Once we got past the initial merge, it was fine, but I do wish they had done it a little differently. I do know the course changed since last year as there was a section of the 10k that was apparently "dangerous" but not sure what that was or if the merging was affected by that since I didn't run it last year. Other than that one small complaint, they put on a great event and the rest of the course was great. It was mostly shaded and the weather was once again chilly at the start (around 50 degrees), but perfect once we got going. It actually did start to feel a little warm in the sunny section of the course, but that didn't last too long. 

I don't know if it was because I ran the night before or what, but my legs definitely felt tired during this race. I ran 3/:45 intervals and definitely went out too fast to start and overall this run felt "tough". I knew I wasn't going to PR but still wanted to finish under an hour so pushed myself to at least make that happen. We had a large MRTT turnout for this race and because of how the course went (the merging and the out and back), we got to see each other a few times while running. It's always so nice to encourage each other along the way! 

After the race, several of us MRTT ladies (and two kiddos) placed so we all stuck around for the awards. We really dominated the results board with the top 3 female finishers overall, I took 2nd in 30-34, another took 3rd in 45-49, and two others took 1st and 2nd in 35-39 all for the 10k and then 2nd place overall in the 5k and two of the kids placed in their 5k age groups as well! It really was an incredible day for racing for us! 

This is my 3rd official award I've received for placing, guess it's time to put up a shelf above my medals and display them properly! I never, in a million years, ever thought I'd be fast enough to place in a race. I was always happy with just racing against "myself" and trying to improve my pace and PR, but placing really does take the Runner's High to an all new level! I know in larger races my pace wouldn't even come close to pacing, but I love the small local races in general, less congested courses, better race causes, etc and if I have a chance at placing, it makes it even better. 

My Stats:
Official Chip Time: 59:32 (overall pace of 9:37)
Place: 41 of 129 finishers
Place: 23 of the 85 Women Finishers
Place: 2 of 13 in my Women’s Age Division (30-34)
1st 5k Split: 29:51
2nd 5k Split: 29:52

My RunKeeper stats (which accounts for the zigzagging, weaving, etc.):
6.25 miles in 59:33 (overall pace of 9:32)
Mile Splits:
Mile 1: 8:54 
Mile 2: 9:23
Mile 3: 9:37
Mile 4: 10:08 (where I stopped to refill my water bottle)
Mile 5: 9:44
Mile 6: 9:41
0.25: 8:51


  1. It is a National running Group called "Moms Run This Town" - there are local chapters throughout the nation. They actually have rebranded/Dual Branded to "She Runs This Town" so it's not just Moms anymore (although we never excluded non-moms anyways) but we still use MRTT. Check them out at


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