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U Can Finish 5 Miler + 2 Miler Distance Dare Race Recap 2015

Pre-Race MRTT Photo!

I'm so far behind on all my race recaps, so this isn't going to be very thorough, but I wanted to at least get it documented. This one is for the U Can Finish 5 Miler and 2 Miler (Distance Dare) from October 18, 2015. 

The U Can Finish races are some of my favorite because we get to run through the University of Central Florida Campus, my alma mater. This was going to be my 3rd time running it (read my last recap here from 2013), and each time they change the course a little bit so it makes it a little more exciting. Now that I'm writing this 4 months after the race, I honestly can't remember all that much about it, but I did meet up with my MRTT ladies (and one of their husbands) before and after the race and at least have those pictures! I do remember it being pretty crowded and pretty narrow on certain parts of the course and lots of twists and turns (hence why my runkeeper says I ran way further than I did) but overall an enjoyable race! It was fun to run through the baseball and football stadiums too since as a huge UCF fan, we spend a lot of time at the football stadium, so it felt cool to be able to run where the players stand!

Post Race

2 Mile Course
5 Mile Course

Can't meet up with MRTT and not take a shoefie

Love the 5 Mile Finisher's Medal

5 Miler
Official Chip Time: 50:35 (overall pace of 10:06)
Place: 678 of 1719 Finishers
Place: 295 of the 1048 Women Finishers
Place: 45 of 78 in my Women’s Age Division (25-29)
My Runkeeper stats:
5.36 miles in 50:40 (overall pace of 9:28)
Mile 1: 9:26
Mile 2: 9:59
Mile 3: 9:12
Mile 4: 9:24
Mile 5: 9:14
.36 mile: 9:36

2 Miler
Official Chip Time: 19:43  (overall pace of 9:51)
Place: 410 of 1051 Finishers
Place: 196 of the 646 Women Finishers
Place: 28 of 19 in my Women’s Age Division (25-29)
My Runkeeper stats:
2.09 miles in 19:45 (overall pace of 9:27)
Mile 1: 9:39
Mile 2: 9:20
.10 mile: 8:13

Distance Dare 
Official Chip Time: 1:10:17 
Place: 105 of the 388 Women Finishers

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