Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Cool Summer Mornings 5k Series - Race #2: Military Race Recap

Two weeks ago, I ran Race # 2 of the Cool Summer Mornings 5k Series which was a Military theme. Everything was pretty much the same as Race # 1, last month.  I love running along the lake! They did start this race about 15 minutes earlier than last month, which considering the temperature outside, any little bit helped. It was about 10 degrees warmer than last month and it FELT it (mid 80s). I wore my Garmin this race since my phone was acting up so I didn’t get my mile splits since it was set to run my intervals and apparently my Garmin doesn’t do both. So even with the heat, having to stop TWICE to tie my shoes, and dealing with cramps, I am very happy with my time. I shaved almost 2.5 minutes off of my time from last month and that sub-30 is so close I can taste it! It’s nice to have an apples to apples comparison (other than the heat, the course is identical) each month.

I had the same problem as last month, with the course logistics of sharing with the tri-athletes. This time though I pretty much just ran in the middle and let them go around me since it seemed like no one was consistent with which side they are were running on. Parking was once against terrine, and I didn’t leave any earlier than I did last time and the race started earlier, so of course I had to park further away. It really wasn’t a huge deal though since I didn’t have anywhere I needed to be RIGHT after the race. I even had enough time to walked back to my car before the race, up a Clermont hill, because I forgot my sunglasses there.

Overall, another great race and another medal to add to my rack!

 Official Chip Time: 30:54 (overall pace of 9:57)
Place: 163 of 452 Finishers
Place: 71 of the 278 Women Finishers
Place: 12 of 35 in my Women’s Age Division (25-29)

 My Garmin stats:
3.10 miles in 30:57 (overall pace of 10:40)

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