Wednesday, July 8, 2015

It's a Busy Life!

I used to blog about our family and what all we've been up to. There really wasn't any reason I stopped other than I got so far behind through the holidays and I didn't know how to pick back up without giving like a million word update. Well, I'm not going to give that million word update, just kind of pick up where we are in life right now. 

Life is good as a family of four.  We stay super busy every weekend and during the week it's the same ol, same ol.. work, eat, sleep and a workout or two thrown in there. 

Last weekend, was a 4 day weekend for me, and a 3 day weekend for G. I took Thursday as a complete "me" day! Started off the morning with a massage, then a facial, and then got my hair done. I finished the day off with some shopping. G has a thing for red hair, so I told him the next time I got my hair done, I would throw some red in it... and so I did. I also chopped it short! I love the cut itself, and everyone seems to love the red, but to me it's a little pink so it's still growing on me. I've gotten a ton of compliments though and because of the length, it kind of forces me to DO my hair more often. 

Friday morning, we went and got ABS 9 month photos done as well as some family photos. We haven't gotten any professional family photos with the four of us yet and now that ABS can sit up by herself, we figured it would be a good time.  We've been using Olivia Chapman Photography and think she is just very talented and reasonably priced. (we used her for ABS 3- and 6-Month photos as well). Can't wait to see how this session turned out! 
sneak peek
And since you missed out due to my lack of blogging, here are a few of my favorites from her 3 and 6 Month photos:

After pictures, we took a ride over to Seaworld for a few hours. We got annual passes earlier this year when they were BOGO, and we are totally getting our money's worth. We usually go for just a few hours each time we go and EMS absolutely loves it there. Especially the Carousel and train ride! We finally got to see the new Clyde and Seamore show as well. It was really cute (and corny!). 

For the 4th of July, I started out by running the local 4 on the 4th Race and then we spent the rest of the day attending a party at our good friend's condo downtown. They live on the 19th floor, overlooking Lake Eola, which is a great spot to watch fireworks. We all had a great time but EMS was scared of the fireworks this year. When we were outside on the balcony watching them she was holding on to me for dear life and covering her eyes. Inside she was a little better but you could tell she was still a little scared. 

On Sunday we did a nice trip to Costco and had lunch a this new little Mexican restaurant I've been dying to try. Our local Rants/Raves/Reviews Facebook Group has been raving about it for the last few months. It's called the Ocoee Taco Company and it's a tiny, hole in the wall place but the food was pretty good and I'd probably go back (I wouldn't go out of my way to go there, but if we were around there and itching for Mexican, I'd definitely go back!) Their salsa was really great and so was their quesadillas. The tacos were alright but needed some of the sauces to add flavor. G prefers more tex-mex like Tijuana Flats vs. authentic Mexican, so he wasn't as big of a fan. 

Other than that, Sunday was left to relaxing and not doing much and early to bed! I should have been doing laundry, I've got LOADS to put away, but such is life, I'll get to it this week some time! 

Hopefully I'll be back to blogging semi-regularly about our family and life vs. just my weight loss journey!

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