Thursday, August 13, 2015

Follow Through Friday - Decisions, Decisions

Another week down, and I worked off some of the crap I gained the last two weeks. Pretty much back down to where I was 3 weeks ago. Such a cycle. I'm good for a few weeks, bad for a few, make the losing process very slow. 

This past week I did ok with my exercise, two runs (one was a race, which I haven't recapped yet) and a nice long walk. I didn't beat my time last month and that had been my goal for each of these races, to beat the previous one. I only ran once the week before the race so that definitely didn't help. I didn't feel as prepared either and so being about 30 seconds slower isn't a huge deal. Hopefully I'll PR the last one on the series next month. I did well with my food for the most part. I did get a beer and a Jalapeno Cheese Pretzel when we went to Epcot Wednesday night, but did get a healthy salad for dinner (and not one of those salads that is actually worse than a burger, a true healthy salad). I did my run before we went and of course walked around a ton while we were there, so it evened out nicely with my low calories consumed earlier in the day and didn't affect my weigh in (as in my weight was less Thursday morning than Wednesday morning). Thursday at work, I didn't have anymore meal prepped food so had to buy my lunch in our cafeteria, a grilled chicken sandwich. Normally I easily say no to the fries, but they had some awesome looking curly fries (they normally don't). I couldn't resist and got them and they were damn delicious. Because I had such a heavy lunch, I had a really light dinner and once again it must have evened out as my scale wasn't too upset this morning. And since I went on a 3 mile run this morning (which counts for next week), those carbs probably helped, right? 

This weekend is going to be super tough, I haven't fully decided if I'm going to let myself indulge at my sister-in-law's engagement party Saturday night or not. Considering we can walk home from the party (so can drink and not worry about needing a DD), and my in-laws always have great food at their parties, I'll more than likely indulge. BUT, my 5th round/month of transformer weigh-in is on Wednesday, and if I indulge, I definitely WON'T hit my goal (150.7). It's very unlikely I'll hit it regardless considering I'm almost 4 lbs away still. 

Oh yea, and my Space Coast Half Marathon training begins Monday! I really haven't done more than 3-4 miles throughout the summer because I wasn't training for anything and it's so, so hot, but now it's time to kick it up a notch. Going on a 3 week vacation towards the end of training is going to be tough, but I'm determined to stick to this plan! I did well last year when I trained for my Disney Princess Half with only missing two or three training runs total, so I'm hoping to not miss any more than that and to PR at Space Coast! Hopefully weighing a little less than my last half will help my speed too!

Weight: 154.2lbs
     3.10 miles in 32:05 (10:06 pace)

     3.26 miles in 52:00 (walk) 
     2.82 miles in 30:47 (10:54) 

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