Monday, August 3, 2015

Follow Through Friday - 2 more weeks

For the first time in a long time, I didn't have my scale with me on a Friday morning, so no idea what my weight was last Friday (7/30) morning. I was also on vacation mode starting Thursday so it probably wasn't pretty anyways. Prior to that, I was visiting my friend over the weekend and then finishing up week two of business travel. I didn't get as much exercise as the previous week and definitely didn't make as great of food choices. 

I did get several compliments from family and friends the past week which did make me feel great. Many of them hadn't seen me in a really long time (some hadn't even seen me since I was pregnant with ABS), so they definitely noticed the difference. They were shocked though that I was still in a one piece swim suit and it's because I'm just not comfortable with what my stomach looks like. I'm about the same size I was on my honeymoon, and definitely wore a bikini then, but I wasn't sporting these stretch marks. It's not even so much the stretch marks, I could handle it if it was JUST those, but they are causing this dimples/cottage cheese look that I just can't handle. I'm hoping when I lose some more fat in my stomach it'll go away, if it does, I'll definitely rock my stretch marks in a bikini. And if once I hit my goal of 135 lbs, it still looks like that... I'll seek out alternative methods for getting rid of it. There has to be SOMETHING on the market for it!

This past week, I was back at home, back to meal prepping (for some meals) and did some (although not enough) exercising. G and I (and our friend Laura) did his strength training exercise from his personal trainer on Sunday which resulted in me barely being able to walk on Monday! I only got in one other run this week (Wednesday, and was still sore from Sunday!) and have my third 5k of my summer series tomorrow. Hoping I can beat last months time, but I don't feel as prepared this time around. 

Since I know my weight is back up,  last weekend I joined two kickstarter (4 week) DietBets plus am in a 8 week Challenge in my Mom Fitness Group (a Facebook group than I'm an admin of) all which are tied to money. Hoping between these three incentivized challenges, I get the extra little momentum I need to hit my August 18th DietBet goal (150.7) and finally get out of the 150's by our cruise at the end of September! 

Not much else going on right now to report... just trying my best to stay focused on the goal. 

Week Ending July 30h:
Weight: 15X.X lbs

     3.10 miles in 33:32 (10:49 pace)
     3.13 miles in 32:29  (10:24 pace)

Week Ending  Aug 7th:
Weight: 155.6 lbs

     Full Body Strength Training

     0.46 miles in 5:00 (10:52 pace) <-- 5 min warm up before strength training
     3.23 miles in 35:28 (10:58) 

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