Friday, June 24, 2016

Follow Through Friday: I'm Back!

I’m back! I wish I could say I was coming back with the news that I’ve hit all my fitness and weight loss goals, but the truth is, I haven’t and I’m hoping by documenting my journey again, I can get back to where I was and continue down the path I was on last year.


When I left off last year, it was October and I had gotten my weight down to 149.6 (actually had gotten it down to 148 in September). I was feeling pretty good about myself, although not where I wanted to be, but had been making some steady downward progress. I was running consistently, getting faster. I knew I had a big trip coming up and that, with a 3 week vacation, there was sure to be some gains. And there was. Despite running 7 times on my 3 week vacation (which I so wish I recapped because I ran in some awesome places across the Atlantic!), I still managed to gain. I had weighed 151 on my 10/24/15, the day we left, and 160 on the day we got back 11/15/16. So 9 lbs. I thought for sure the 1st 5 lbs would melt off as soon as I got back to my routine. Well it didn’t exactly melt off, but I did lose some and then it came back, and for the last 7 or so months the lowest I got back to was around 153 but up to as high as 165 again, but mostly have been staying around 158-160. Through Winter and Spring, I was doing awesome with my running, I even placed a few times in races, set many PRs and was feeling good about that, but was making no real progress on my weight. My clothes were still snug, the few new things I had bought when I hit the 140’s weren’t fitting and I HATED the way I looked in pictures (still do). I know it’s not all about the number on the scale, but the number on the scale DOES correlate to fitting in smaller clothes and looking leaner and I was neither. I’d been pretty consistent about eating pretty well during the week, but was splurging WAY too much on the weekends. We (or just I on some of them, bridal party/wedding related stuff) also snuck in quite a few weekend trips (Vegas, California, Ft. Lauderdale, Miami) and work trips since we’ve been back from our vacation last fall, and I definitely went into vacation mode with my eating on all of those. When you travel that frequently, you can’t do that. Add in the holidays and just pretty much a super busy weekend life, any progress I would make during the week, would be countered by a weekend of “fun” eating. I can tell you now, with how I feel, mentally, it wasn’t worth it. 


After looking at everything going on in my life, I decided maybe this blog was what was helping me stay accountable. It is the only thing that I stopped doing that I was consistently doing last year. I did post some race recaps, but even those subsided, despite running a ton of races this year. I have been keeping my Race Log updated though, I like to be able to look back at previous races and see my times. Maybe I'll recap the ones going forward.

 So what’s new in 2016? I signed up for a 2,016 in 2016 challenge, which there is no way I could do that alone if I was ONLY counting my running since I only logged ~500 miles last year (per RunKeeper) – I think that number is a little low though, as I’m not sure I put all my non-RunKeeper runs into RunKeeper last year, but maybe I did? Anyways, with that said, I joined the 2016 challenge with two friends from MRTT, which means I only need to run 672 miles for the year which is approximately 56 miles per month. I gave myself a stretch goal of 700 miles for the year/~58 miles per month. Through May, I was looking good, with a 5 month total of 308.44 mile ran vs. goal of 290. June on the other hand has been an awful running month, with no races longer than a 5k planned for months, I haven’t been doing any long runs (or really any runs period) on the weekends. So for the most part, really only logging around 6-7 miles per week and have only logged 16.3 miles so far and it’s already the 24th. Going to start meeting up with my MRTT ladies on weekends again as that certainly helps keep me accountable. I know I’ll have some higher mileage months in the fall when my half training starts up as well, so I’m pretty confident I’ll hit my 700 mile goal for the year (Plus my one team member is killing it and pretty much has me and other team member doubled on her individual miles so as a team we will hit the goal without a problem, but I still want to hit my individual goal). I’m also keeping track of all my FitBit miles as well, just whatever my FitBit miles say at end of each day, which accounts for any running/walking and normal daily activity and am trying to hit 2016 miles with that on my own. I know I lose some steps when it’s charging/dead/forgot to put back on, but for the most part it’s a pretty good measure. Through May, I was up to 583.73 of 840 I should be at, so need to keep my daily miles a little higher going forward if I expect to hit my 2016 goal.


I also joined a gym a few weeks ago. I know I can do the majority of strength exercises at home, but the reality of it is, I’m not doing them, and paying for the monthly gym membership is holding me accountable. Due to G’s travel, I can only realistically go one day a week (weekdays that is, they are closed Sunday and on Saturdays we always have things going on/I do my long runs) since my in-laws pick the girls up from school one day a week for me. Which worked out perfectly because they have a 4x/month package. And if I do end up being able to go more than that for whatever reason, its only $6 per session which would still be cheaper than their unlimited package. This gym isn’t like any other gym I had been to, it’s somewhat similar to Orange Theory Fitness, but there isn’t one of those close to my house and it’s double the cost for their 4x/month package. It’s called the Hit Fit Gym and it focuses on High Intensity, Interval Training. They have a circuit set up with 10 zones. Each zone has a video playing on repeat showing you how do the exercise plus there is always personal trainer on the floor during the core hours (5:30-9am and 4-8pm, I think) or at least at the front desk during the non-core hours to help you as well. During the core hours, they PT on the floor also encourages you to do extra exercises on your breaks. You do each zone for 30 seconds hard, 15 second break x 4 rounds and then there is a 45 second transition to the next zone. The whole circuit takes about 35 minutes and is a full body workout. They have a continuous timer going so you can show up at any time and the longest you would have to wait to begin is about 3 minutes for the next round to start. I’m sure there are busier times where you may have to wait to start because someone else is there on the first zone, but it hasn’t happened to me yet but either way its still better than trying to get to a gym at a specific time for a class. They also just opened a second location which is double the size so I’m sure that will help too if this location was getting overcrowded.  They also change up the circuit every few days so you don’t get bored. I absolutely love it. They also had an introductory offer for personal training, which I took advantage of and have been meeting with a trainer for the past 2 weeks. Unfortunately, since I can really only make it there once a week, I haven’t been able to do the circuit AND the PT each week. I did manage to do both last week when I went on my off Friday but that’s not the norm, although G is working from home all next week so maybe I’ll have the opportunity to do both next week. I don’t see results yet, but am really enjoying it and hoping to see results soon. Have to get my eating back on par though if I expect that to happen. I'm also still running 2-3 times a week in addition to going to the gym since I can do that at home while G travels, after I put girls to bed.


With that said, I’m back to blogging, hopefully weekly with a follow through Friday update and hopefully this is the motivation I need to get to where I want to be. So I guess this is my NEW Starting Point and my weeks will go Friday through Thursday with my weight being Friday morning.

Friday, June 24th, 2016





Friday – Hit Fit Circuit

Monday – 3.00 miles in 30:59 (10:20 pace)

Wednesday – Hit Fit Personal Training Session

Walk Station – 4.96 miles (multiple days)


Total Weekly Running Miles: 3.00

Total June Running Miles: 16.3

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