Friday, January 16, 2015

Follow Through Friday - Can't Out Exercise a Bad Diet

I had a great week, well, exercise-wise anyways. On Saturday, I got my long run in with some of the moms from MRTT. I think 4 of us started together but 2 of girls didn't have to run as far so just myself and one other did the full 11 miles. I'm really enjoying my long runs with the Moms on the weekends, it truly makes the run go by so much faster! I was however annoyed that my 100% charged phone died during our last interval which is just ridiculous! Next time I need to remember to turn off my blue tooth in order to save battery power! I had to manually adjust my RunKeeper from the 10.77 miles it logged to the true 11 miles we did, so my stats below may be a little off. The rest of this week, I was in Cincinnati on business travel. The hotel gym was literally ONE treadmill and ONE bike. That's it. They do offer free passes to Planet Fitness, but I didn't want to deal with that (borrowing the rental car, finding the place, going out in the cold weather etc). Luckily, both times I went to use the treadmill it was free. Well, technically the 2nd time, my one coworker was on it, but he was finishing up so I didn't have to wait for it. (The same can't be said for my coworker who got up at 5:15 to run one morning only to find the treadmill occupied by another one of our coworkers - there was a handful of us traveling together - she was not happy lol). The one girl I traveled with did have a YMCA membership and she convinced me to check out one of the group fitness classes with her while we were up there, so I even got a Boot Camp class in. Which reminded me why I need to do strength training... even the 3 lb dumbbells were heavy for me for the exercises! Both runs were followed by walks as well, so I got in a decent amount of exercise, especially for being on travel.

However, even with all that exercise, you can't out exercise a bad diet. I'm pretty sure I've posted about that before. This week was tough again. Is any week not? I feel like a broken record. I've been getting my exercise in but can't seem to get my eating 100% under control. I was on business travel this week which means every meal is eaten out. I did make SOME better choices - instead of a waffle and muffin for breakfast, I had a yogurt; instead of fries with my entrees at dinner, I had veggies. On the negative side though: I had a 450 calorie cookie (thanks to the catered in Panera for lunch), I drank a decent amount of beer (even though I said I wasn't going to drink all month), I ate the table bread, etc. I also don't drink nearly enough water when I'm not in my normal routine (and don't have my huge 32 oz jug with me).  On top of it all, I'm completely bloated from my period. All of that is reflective in my gain this week. I can only be mad at myself about it, and I am. Especially since my dietbet weigh in is tomorrow and it's very unlikely I'm going to make it, although I will be getting my water in today at least, which will help a little bit!

I have a 10k tomorrow, which is (hopefully) going to feel like a breeze after the long runs I've been doing on the weekends. I'm curious to see how my training has helped me with this as well. I always seem to push myself more in race settings, so hopefully I'll see some improvement in my speed. 

Weight: 174.0

Half Marathon training:
     Run 1: 11.00 miles in 2:15:10 (12:17 pace) 
     Run 2: 3.94 miles in 45:00 (11:25 pace)
     Run 3: 2.66 miles in 30:00 (11:17 pace)

     Walk: Sunday - 0.5 miles
     Walk: Monday - 0.83 miles
     Walk: Wednesday - 1.56 miles

     Boot Camp Class - 45 minutes

Total Weekly Miles Logged:  20.49 miles

Overall Weight Lost since "Starting Point" 10/24/14: 2.6 lbs

Plan for Next Week: 
Continue the half marathon training plan, for Friday through Monday it will include: a 10k race, one 30-minute run and a 45-minute run (at race pace), 


  1. You know I think the reason we have a hard time keeping our eating under control is all the exercise. But if you're like me, you aren't going to stop exercising. It's too good for you. It really revs up that appetite though. It's hard to find a good balance. Good job with your running though. You are killing it there!

    1. I do agree! I actually told me husband that I think the half training is making it harder for me to diet because I eat too much on the weekends because I'm fueling and/or because "I just ran 10 miles so I can eat whatever" goes through my mind! After my half marathons are done I'm going to focus more on speed and shorter distances so I can focus more on my diet.


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