Friday, January 30, 2015

Follow Through Friday - Half Marathon #1 and Two Pins Moved

Well I did it! I completed my first of the two post-baby half marathons marathons I signed up! And even better, I got myself a PERSONAL RECORD! You can read my race recap of the Celebration Half Marathon here. Overall it was a great run and I'm so happy that I got a PR with my first half after having a baby only 4 months ago! Other than that, I've been REALLY good all week. Even at a 3 year old's birthday party with a ton of cupcakes/cookies/candy. I even logged a cupcake in My Fitness Pal and hubby talked me out of eating it, although I did still end up with a cookie since EM didn't finish it and I couldn't let it go to waste LOL. I did allow myself to eat over my calories on Saturday night since I was out for a friends birthday and knew I would be running the next morning so figured a nice pasta dish would be good to to "carb up" for the race. I also ate the post-race refreshments, which were a handful of different samples from the local restaurants but it really wasn't too much and I was good the rest of the day. The rest of the week I've been spot on with my calories. I usually do well on weekdays, it's the weekends that I usually struggle since we are always out and about doing things. And I got to move two pins on the motivation board because of it!

I got my other runs in as well although Thursday night I wasn't feeling it, so I stopped at 2 miles (was supposed to be 45 mins). I then walked for 15 minutes and started feeling more into it and then knocked out another mile running, which I pushed myself at and probably ran my fastest mile in a really long time.

Weight: 166.4

Half Marathon training (even though I ran one half, I'm still considering it training until I get to the Disney Princess):     
     Run 1: 13.33 miles in 2:37:35 (11:49 pace) 
     Run 2: 2.72 miles in 30:00 (11:01 pace)
     Run 3: 2.00 miles in 22:47 (11:23 pace)
     Run 4: 1.00 mile in 10:15 (10:15 pace)

     Walk: Friday – 0.50 miles
     Walk: Tuesday – 0.85 mile
     Walk: Thursday – 0.83 miles 

Total Weekly Miles Logged:  21.23 miles

Overall Weight Lost since "Starting Point" 10/24/14: 10.2 lbs

Plan for Next Week: 
For Friday through Monday it will include a 5k on Saturday (was supposed to be a 10k but all I could find was a 5k, figured it would be nice "cool down" from the half and I plan to run it with a friend so not trying for any special time), one 30-minute run and a 45-minute run (at race pace).

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