Friday, February 6, 2015

Follow Through Friday - Hosting My Own DietBet

My latest 4% in 4 week DietBet (hosted by Heidi and Chris Powell) ended on Monday, and I made that goal (although had been  a higher starting weigh in due to holiday bloat, so I wasn’t really worried about not making it – although had I fallen off the wagon much more, it’s possible I may have missed it) and the payout was $41.24 (so only $11.24 profit after the $30 buy in). This particular DietBet had a higher % of winners (and the most participants EVER apparently) than previous DietBets I’ve participated in, which I can assume has to do with the fact it was at the start of the New Year and majority of people usually stick to their resolutions the first few weeks of the year. Regardless though, I’m always happy to win a few extra bucks for the weight I’m trying to lose anyways!

Hoping to hit my 6 Month Transformer DietBet weigh in goal tomorrow of 165.6 (for Month/Round 4) but a little nervous considering today’s weigh in was still higher than that. They give 2 days to weigh in, so if I don’t hit it tomorrow, I can always try again Sunday, but I have a Ladies Night planned for tomorrow night with some friends, so I told myself I would allow myself to have a few drinks IF I hit my goal. So here’s hoping, otherwise it’ll be torture to go and not indulge in some yummy food and drinks (especially since it’s at a neighbor’s house and I can walk home!).But that’ll be my “punishment” if I don’t make it. I missed last month/Round 3 and I do NOT want to miss this month too! Especially since the payout each month keeps getting higher since less people are making their goals (and since this one went THROUGH the holidays, some people probably fell off the wagons too which I’m hoping means an ever bigger pay out, but it’s also possible that they got back on the wagon with New Year Resolutions, so who really knows what the payout will be, I’m just hoping I get a piece of it!) – Overall I’m still “up” with my winnings from this bet, even with missing last month.

And because I'm clearly OBSESSED with DietBets, I decided to host my own! It starts on 2/15 (the day after Valentine's day) and is only a $20 buy in. As of this morning, the pot is only $80, but I'm hoping to get up to $200 before the start of the bet. If you'd like to join, go to  to check it out and join! Remember you only have to lose 4% in 4 weeks to win your split of the pot!

I let myself do a little bit of food indulging on Saturday and Sunday (did say NO to alcohol and Mickey Ice Cream bars though) and it pretty much took the rest of the week to lose the gain I saw on Monday and I ended up staying even with last week. 

As for my running, I only had a short race instead of a long run on Saturday. I’m definitely improving on my speed, which makes me happy since I use to be able to consistently run about a 10-11:00 pace (at least for up to 5-6 miles) and I hope to get back down to that (and faster) after I’m done half training.

Weight: 166.4

Half Marathon training:
     Run 1: 3.16 miles in 38:45 (12:15 pace) 
     Run 2: 4.06 miles in 46:32 (11:28 pace)
     Run 3: 3.10 miles in 33:50 (10:55 pace)

     Walk: Tuesday – 1.93 miles
     Walk: Wednesday – 2.48 miles 
     Walk: Thursday – 2.66 miles
+ Walked around Disney for hours on Saturday – had over 28k steps, but wasn’t a designated “walk” where I formally tracked my miles
 Total Weekly Miles Logged:  17.39 miles

Overall Weight Lost since "Starting Point" 10/24/14: 10.2 lbs

Plan for Next Week: 
For Friday through Monday it will include a 5k AND 10k on Saturday (doing a distance dare race event, was supposed to be a 12 mile training run but I think a 9.3 mile RACE will do me good), one 30-minute run and a 45-minute run.

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