Saturday, February 21, 2015

Follow Through Friday - Training is Over!

Let's just pretend I'm posting this on Friday and not Saturday. This week has been kind of crazy/busy for me. As I mentioned last week, we had some friends over for Valentine’s Day and has planned I did some indulging. I actually didn’t drink that much, maybe 4 or 5 beers total, but I did snack on some cookie cake (we were also celebrating a birthday)! Instead of burgers and hotdogs, I made a better choice and ate my Apple Chicken Sausages without buns, so I bet that helped a little. On Tuesday, I had my DietBet weigh in, and I didn’t make it (by less than a pound). Since they give 48 hours to weigh in, I decided to pack up a scale and give it another shot on Wednesday morning. I didn’t think I was going to be able to do it, with traveling across the country on Tuesday to California, and eating out/at the hotel for all my meals, and drinking very little water due to the circumstances  (probably drank less than 40oz and normally drink closer to 100). Surprisingly, I hit my goal with a little bit of margin.  This is my 2nd Transformer DietBet and it overlaps with my other one and this was the Round 2 weighin. After missing Round 1, I would have been extremely upset with myself if I missed Round 2 as well. The pay out was $35.92 ($18.42 profit after $17.50 buy in), which was much more than I was expecting considering Round 1, that I missed, was only $21.29 total.

Of course though, after my weigh in on Wednesday, like the typical sabotager that I am, I made bad food choices. I ate muffins, cookies, waffles, and some heavy Italian food. There was some good stuff mixed in as well, green beans, grilled fish, and oatmeal but of course all that bad stuff definitely overpowered the good.

The only thing I was good about this week was my running. I did the 10k race on Saturday and then ran a 5k on Tuesday when I got to California. The hotel I stayed in was right next to a nice residential area and I decided to run through that instead of on the hotel treadmill. The weather was absolutely gorgeous. I met up with a friend, I met through my online Mommy group, on Thursday, and we ran 4+ miles along side the pacific ocean. It was such a nice run and we chatted the whole way. The mileage is a little questionable because I accidentally paused my RunKeeper for what I estimate to be .75 miles and she was pausing her Garmin during our walking intervals, so between the two of us, we aren’t 100% sure the total distance. It was definitely a total of 4 miles running though according to her watch, but I think the overall distance was around 4.75 miles. That was my last official training run, and I'll be tackling the Disney Princess Half Marathon on Sunday. We're leaving at 3:10am... shoot me now! I'm proud to say I actually completed my half training. This will be my 6th Half Marathon and only the first one I've ever successfully trained for, so that makes me feel good!

Weight: 166.4

Half Marathon training:

     Run 1: 6.33 miles in 1:07:40 (10:42 pace) 
     Run 2: 3.1 miles in 33:36 (10:51 pace)
     Run 3: 4.75 miles in 50:44 (10:40 pace)


     Walk: Friday – 4.11 miles
     Walk: Sunday – 1.61miles 
 Total Weekly Miles Logged:  19.90 miles

Overall Weight Lost since "Starting Point" 10/24/14: 10.8 lbs

Plan for Next Week: 
Half Marathon on Sunday, then my training is officially over! I do plan to keep up with 3 runs a week after that though, so at least another two 30-45 mins are the goal for the week! 


  1. Keep running! Time to start training for something else, maybe lowering your PR's!

    1. Oh I'm definitly still going to run! I'm just going to focus on speed vs distance until I start training for my November half marathon


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