Sunday, September 22, 2013


If you remember, with my Citrus Lane August Boxes I received a code for a free FabKids outfit and since I had two boxes, I got two codes. Since I have like 5 email addresses I just used two different ones to redeem my codes and used my Amex gift card to order them. The outfits shipped very quickly and I received them a few days later. The quality seemed pretty good but it'll be quite a few years before EM will get to wear them and really judge the quality. Regardless, I would have never paid $40 for these but for the $5/each, I'm glad I ordered them! 

Oh yea, and apparently you can only cancel your membership by calling - ugh so annoying, I wish it could be done via email or website. So, I skipped my next month for each account until I feel like calling to cancel, which I will do!

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