Friday, September 20, 2013

UCF Football Weekend

Well I was going to break this into multiple updates, but since I'm slacking so much and the following weekend is starting, I guess I'll do one post! Last weekend, well it really started on Thursday, we headed up to Pennsylvania, with the main purpose of our trip being to cheer on our UCF KNIGHTS at the Penn State game!

We arrived in Philly after an uneventful, empty flight (haven't been on a flight this empty in years, pretty sure each passenger could of had their own row of seats!) and headed into the city and to G's sister's apartment. We spent some time with her and then took the subway to the Phillies game. Since the Phillies are doing so terrible this year, we were able to score tickets in the Hall of Fame Club off StubHub super cheap! This was especially nice because it decided to rain right before the game was due to start so we were able to stay in the Hall of Fame (air condition and out of the rain) during the hour rain delay and they had some cool stuff to look at. The Phillies won, so that was nice, the 1st inning took FOREVER, but overall it was a good game.

We got up nice and early on Friday morning to make the drive from Philly to State College. Along the way we detoured to Hershey, PA! I really wish the park was open, but it's their slow season, so we just checked out Hershey World, got our free sample and bought EM an adorable outfit. It was cool to learn that Milton Hershey built the town to support his company and gave his employees housing! The whole town was very cool! Next trip to PA, we are definitely going to the park though!
even the light post were all Hershey Kisses!
After Hershey and a few more stops for lunch and shopping (we were able to score some great deals on clearance stuff for EM - and ourselves) we finally made it to State College. We took a nap and then hit the town. We found the UCF Alumni Association and met some really fun people to hang out with on Friday night. I was amazed at how cheap all the beer was up there (and updated my FB status every time lol) We had a great night, probably drank a little too much, but at $5 a pitcher, it was easy to indulge :) 
having fun in my UCF bling
Saturday was game day! We went out for a little in the morning and napped before heading over to the UCF Alumni Tailgate Tent. We didn't want to deal with traffic, parking, having a DD, etc, so we walked almost 3 miles from the hotel. (we walked everywhere the night before for the same reasons, probably a good 6 miles each day) It was all you could drink/eat for 2 hours and then there would be an hour from the end of the tailgate before kick off. Our friend drove in from NYC and joined us and we had a great time at the tailgate and then cheering on our Knights to a 34-31 victory over Penn State. This was a BIG game for us, so it was very exciting to be there and to actually win! The Penn State people were nice before and after the game, very hospitable and a joy to talk to and the college town was so much fun to hang in, I'd totally go back! Sunday we flew back, nothing too exciting other than getting to see EM.

Woohoo We Won!! (and yes it got pretty cold!)
last call, Tommy and I had to grab a few roadies

We were pretty high up, but it was such a great game

Enjoying the tailgate

The Guys and I


EM stayed with her Nanny and Pappy while we were in PA and she enjoyed her time there :)

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