Monday, September 9, 2013

Wedding Weekend

Going to break the last week of events into multiple posts. G's best friend's wedding was on Saturday, August 31st and G was the best man. We went out to the Lake Jovita Country Club on Friday night for the rehearsal dinner, the food was great and the drinks were flowing, however I only had two since I had to drive home after the dinner/after party. The bridal party gifts were so thoughtful and creative. G got a new sign for his office (along with a cooler full of goodies), and for those that don't know it's a How I Met Your Mother reference. 

The wedding was on Saturday at the Lange Farm. I drove back up to the country club since that is where we were staying after the wedding (in a nice villa on the golf course) but started feeling a little achy, so I took some meds and took a nap before the wedding in hopes to feel better. After the gang arrived, we drove over to the farm. The ceremony was outside and started about 20 mins late.. it was HOT waiting outside, but the ceremony was short and sweet and hubby did a great job as Best Man and looked so handsome in his tux! I love when he gets dressed up! The cocktail hour and reception was a great fun with lots of drinks and dancing! They had adorable party favors and a fun photo booth that we always take advantage of. We snuck out for a few pictures since the farm had some awesome photo ops, and since we both were looking pretty, we had to take advantage. I love fun weddings and am happy to report this was one of them. Unfortunately towards the end of the night, I started feeling achy again and didn't have any more meds so I wasn't much fun for the after party and just went to sleep right after. Overall I give the wedding an A+ :)  Here are a few pics from the night.

The Happy Couple after the Ceremony

The Gang during Cocktail Hour

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