Sunday, September 22, 2013

Lee Farms Webster - Local Produce

My mother in law mentioned to me that she came found out about this local farm that you can buy produce from and that they have a pick up point near her office. She said she did it the week before and was impressed with the quantity and quality of what she received. So I decided to give it a shot. I tend to spend a decent amount of money every week at Publix on fresh fruits and veggies and they definitely aren't organic or GMO free. They also don't support a local farm family. I don't care so much about the organic/GMO thing because I'm too cheap, but if I can get it for the same price as I would pay at Publix, well then I'm game. (Yes, I know I should care what I'm consuming and it's better for me and whatnot, but I'm a hard sell) 

Lee Farms Webster has 2 sized baskets (well they get delivered in reusable shopping totes, which if I read it correctly, I'm supposed to bring back for re-use) and then each sized bag has a "green" or "purple" option. So the small baskets are $12 and the large baskets are 20. It appears the green option has everything in it and the purple is everything less one specific item (I assume a less popular item). I ordered the large green basket (I read the desciptions too quickly and ordered at a later time and I knew one of the baskets didn't have beets, and since beets are purple, I assumed that the purple basket would have the beets, so I ordered the green since I only use beets in one receipe and so since I screwed up looks like I'll be making my homemade tomato soup this week to use up the beets lol). 

I put in my order on Tuesday or Wednesday and pre-paid on PayPal and my wonderful Mother-in-law picked it up for me on Friday and brought it over. I didn't have time to go through it all on Friday so I just put the entire bag in the fridge but did try at least 2 peaches and a plum and all 3 were delicious and the bag was super heavy! Today, I finally got around to seeing what all was in there and I was more than impressed! Including what I remember eating, my bag had: 7 peaches, 6 plums, 5 sweet potatoes, 4 yellow squash, 3 zucchini, 2 onions, 4 tomatoes, leaf lettuce, and one bunch of beets - wow! 

all my goodies (minus what I ate and I chopped off the top of the beets when I took the pic)
I was so impressed with everything that I have actually gone and e-mailed the farm to ask them about potentially adding in another drop off point in my neighborhood (the point where my MIL picks it up is a good half hour away) and I posted in my neighborhood FaceBook group and several of my neighbors are also interested so I'm hoping they will consider us :) Otherwise, my MIL may be my produce taxi for awhile!

Check them out at - it's so cool that it's a local farm family and that even the kids are involved in the growing of the crops! 

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