Tuesday, May 20, 2014

And Baby # 2 is.....

Well after the baby not cooperating (in terms of seeing gender) for most of the appointment, the ultra sound tech was able to finally get a look and with about 90% confidence, she believes our little one is a girl! I won’t lie and say I wasn’t a little disappointed, because I was, knowing we only want two children and wouldn’t be getting our boy had me a little bummed out (especially b/c I had convinced myself it was a boy). But, it didn’t take long for that disappointment to turn into pure joy, I went to the store and bought stuff for our gender reveal and her first outfit and was super excited to share the news. Everyone keeps asking if G was disappointed but he really wasn’t. As much as he wanted a boy, he has been saying from the beginning that he thought I was carrying a girl so he wasn’t expecting the tech to tell us anything differently. Hopefully one of the girls will end up being a tomboy so he can have his little sports star! (I was a huge tomboy, so I’m hoping myself one of them is as well!)

We didn’t want to do a big gender reveal party (we didn’t do a big one with EM either) but we did want to do something a little creative. So we invited just our parents and grandmothers over and had a pull-string piñata. We pulled names out of a hat and took turns pulling a string to see which one would be the one to open the piñata and spill the contents. I was worried that not everyone would get a chance (we didn’t know which string would release the goods) but everyone got at least one chance and my mom was the one that pulled the string that let it all go. Inside was pink confetti, “it’s a girl” mints, and ping pong balls we had made with our little one’s name on them (yes, we had them made with both our boy and girl names in advance since the reveal was only hours after we found out ourselves and no, we aren’t sharing our boy name). I also found “name” confetti at the party store with her name which I picked up last minute and added to the piñata.

This was the picture we posted on Facebook and sent in text messages to reveal the gender and the name.

Almost every female I know who has a sister, is super close with their sister and that makes me excited for AB and EM. I hope they are just as close as my sister and I are! And since I didn’t get rid of any of EM’s things, we have a TON of clothes for her. We really only need nursery furniture and bedding (which we would have needed regardless of gender) and a double stroller (but a friend is letting me borrow hers so that is already covered). We will need additional car seats once AB outgrows the carrier car seat since EM will still be in hers since they go up to like 60lbs, but that is many, many months away. Overall, we are VERY excited and can’t wait for her arrival in October!


  1. Congratulations, what a cute way to reveal the gender and name and a lovely name too

  2. I'm jealous! I always wanted a sister and I wanted my daughter to have a sister, but I have 1 brother and she has 2!

    1. Thanks :) brothers are fun too! Although there is something with sisterly bonds that is so sweet!

  3. Congrats again! Love the name you guys chose...will admit I'm a little sad your not sharing the boy name lol I've always loved names and their meanings and love hearing what other people choose, but I understand possibly why you wouldn't share. I have a "secret" name that I love, but fear to share it with my siblings because I don't want one of them to steal it! lol PS...having a sister is seriously the most awesome thing and being so close they will love it that much more.


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