Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Random Wednesday - Picture Heavy

Well it’s been a hot minute since I’ve had the time to really write much! Let’s recap a little about what’d been happening these last few weeks, in all honesty, it hasn’t been that much but feel like the weeks have been flying bye, sometimes I don't even know what I do with my nights after EM goes to bed!

EM is finally a full blown walker. She hardly ever crawls anymore and I swear after my last post about her not walking for me, she started doing it at home that very weekend and hasn’t stopped! I’m so happy and it’s already making life so much easier and enjoyable. We even took her to the park one of the days and she loved being able to go down the slide and walk back to the platform and climb up and do it again, all on her own! She also is really loving brushing her teeth and does a little dance every time, it's so cute! Hopefully the videos load so you all can see it too!

Our patio extension was completed yesterday and I love it! it seems so much more spacious and we’ve had beautiful weather in the evenings so I’m hoping to enjoy them the next few days/weeks until the summer heat really comes. And I’m super happy because now we can leave the slider open and not get bugs in the house and the dogs even have a doggy door again so they won’t be as annoying since they love to go in and out all day long!
my attempt at a panoramic from the inside

and from the outside

EM started swim lessons last weekend. She did great on her first day and one of her little friends from her class at daycare is in her swim class too. On Sunday, her second day of lessons, she threw up when we pulled into the parking lot so needless to say, she didn’t participate. She ended up having a fever on and off the last few days and now her cough is back so she’s back on breathing treatments. Hopefully she’ll be ok for her lessons this weekend. They are every Saturday and Sunday, pretty much until the beginning of August.
she wouldn't smile but I promise she liked it!

EM was a little artist when it came to my Mother’s Day gift and I absolutely loved it. About 75 pictures were taken of her making my gift and two of them framed and presented with her masterpiece (and of course I have looked at all of them and even sent some to Crayola to show her off using their paints, which 100% came out of her white dress!) You can tell from the pictures that she really had a grand time painting too!

the frame

and the masterpiece!

and some from the actual day

On Friday we’ll find out the gender of Baby # 2! Well assuming he/she cooperates. Originally my ultrasound was scheduled forJune 6th but I threw a fit like a perfectly rational person (ie: completely irrational pregnant woman) and figured out a way to get it sooner without having to pay for an elective ultrasound. Because of my fit, I feel like I jinxed myself and the baby is going to stay cross-legged. Both sets of parents and our grandmothers are planning to come over on Friday night for the “reveal” assuming baby cooperates – we have something cute planned for them to announce the gender and the name and then once they know, we will announce it to the world!

And finally, Saturday, is my sister's baby shower! I'm so excited for it, you'd think it was my own! I hope she likes how we've decorated and I'm sure she'll love all her goodies and all the people that are coming for it! Will be about 45 people if all those who RSVP actually show up! 


  1. Well, she is the cutest! I adore the idea, of the white dress covered in paint and letting her paint a picture. That was just darling! I love the patio extension on your house, that is so nice. I enjoyed the read! ;0

    God bless,
    XO, Claire

  2. Thanks Claire! My hubby definitely did good with that idea!


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