Thursday, May 1, 2014

Thursday Thoughts

~Today, May 1st begins sales tax being added to Amazon orders for us Floridians. Boo! I know it’s actually a good thing, because that means the Amazon facilities are opened up and many jobs have become available for others, but still doesn’t make me happy to start paying. Although, it really won’t change much, Amazon is still wayyy more convenient than most other shipping and still usually cheaper. The only store that usually compares is Target and since I always had to pay tax at Target, even after my 5% RedCard discount, Amazon would end up being cheaper and had faster free shipping (since we are Prime). According to a random article I read today,  Floridians are supposed to pay sales tax themselves when they buy from online retailers. I never knew this, wouldn’t even know HOW to do it, nor do I know anyone who has ever done that, guess I don’t have to worry about that anymore since Amazon was the only place I was getting stuff tax-free.

~I’m sooo anxious for a cruise. I know we “just” went on one in February, but going on one while pregnant isn’t as exciting which is why I refuse to go on another one anytime soon. Plus, the cruise lines won’t allow  you to go after 24 weeks anyways, so that’s not too far away and with G traveling for work, we wouldn’t be able to go on one in the near future even if I revoked my self-imposed “no-cruising while pregnant” rule.  I’m used to going on at least 2 or 3 a year (yes, I’m obsessed) so knowing we didn’t have ANY booked was killing me. #firstworldproblems So, then today Royal Caribbean puts out a special for Buy One, Get One Half Off most sailings in 2015 and 2016, and we all know I can't pass up a deal, especially a cruise deal so G and I booked a short weekend one for our anniversary in February. Since I’m saving all my extra 2014 vacation time for an extended maternity leave and all my 2015 vacation time for a 3-week, 30th birthday surprise, I won’t have any extra vacation time for anything more than a weekend cruise. Not complaining though, need my fix. Even if it is SOOO far away!

~This past weekend, I ended up sleeping most of I. I had a 3 day headache and it completely ruined my weekend. We did get out of the house for a little on Saturday to go to my old work team’s cookout (my bike never got fixed so we skipped the bike ride portion) and then took G’s grandmother to dinner on Saturday night but other than that, I did a ton of sleeping and laying around. On a positive note, I haven’t felt better (in months!) than these last 4 days! Hoping this continues!

~Our patio extension/screen installation is finally underway! and we got our gutters put up yesterday too! Never thought I'd be so excited for things like this, really shows you I'm a full-blown adult! 
Day 1

Day 2

~We’re getting EM’s 18 month photos done on Saturday (weather permitting – the shoot is going to be outside) – it’s a little early since she’s still a few weeks shy of 18 months but it worked for my and the photographer’s schedule. We are using a new photographer who is starting out as the one we were using increased her prices SIGNIFICANTLY so we figured we’d try someone new. I’m sure she’ll do a great job and she lives in the neighborhood so it makes it easier than driving 40 minutes to the other photographer's location.

~Apparently, EM has been walking great at school. Like, she will just stand up and walk across the classroom and if she falls while in process, she just stands right back up and continues. At home, I am luckily if I can get 5 steps out of her every few days! The teachers did say they don’t acknowledge the fact that she’s walking until she gets to where she is going and then they praise her, as they’ve realized if they praise her while in process, she’ll just sit and crawl the rest of the way. I tried this at home, but she’s still never done it for me. It’s driving me nuts. Please walk for ME! More so, when we go back to the doctor in a few weeks for your 18 month appointment, please walk for the doctor so she doesn’t think I’m lying, ok EM? Thanks! 

but isn't she so cute?

~And finally, next week (Wednesday) I will get my script to get my next ultrasound, which will be our gender ultrasound! I can’t freaking wait! I wish my OB did ultrasounds in his office, but since he’s a small, one doctor, office he sends us to the hospital to get them done. Here’s hoping they have an appointment available two days later on that Friday (obviously G wants to be there for the ultrasound and since he’s out of town Mon-Thursday, I have to wait until a Friday appointment is available. REALLY hoping the 9th works, although that might be too “early” for the real purpose of the ultrasound since it’s supposed to be around 20 weeks since it’s the “20 week anomaly scan” and I’ll only be 17+4 on May 9th. Guess I’ll just have to see what my OB says and when the appointment is actually available.  I’m sure I was just as anxious about this when I was pregnant with EM but I feel like it’s worse this time. 
getting big!

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