Saturday, August 31, 2013

Citrus Lane - August 2013 Review #2

So after receiving our August Box and thinking it was too old for EM, I wrote to Citrus Lane and told them I was disappointed and thought maybe I received the wrong box and described the items in it. It took them a fee days to respond, but they did and I was rather pleased with their customer service! They believe she was probably sent the wrong box and quickly sent another. I received it yesterday and definitely thought this was way more her speed!

As usual, packaged very nicely with a great information card with coupon codes if you like the items and want to order more.

Clean Well  All-Natural Hand Sanitizing Wipes – Orange Vanilla Scent (40 Wipe Canister): Same item as in first box, can always use more wipes!  ($5.50)

Cleo's Color Book by Barefoot Books: as previously mentioned, we loved Barefoot Books because they are a good quality board books that are great for babies that chew everything! A good book on colors and rhyming which always makes them more fun to read! ($6.99)

Earthworms from BeginAgain: this is a great wooden toy that EM will definitely love to play with :) ($11.00)

Socks from iPlay: we actually received these same socks for her a few months ago in a smaller size, however she never worethem because she doesn't wear socks - it's too hot in Florida right now! However these ones will fit her once it cools down (and actually she's so petite with little feet, the other pair we have will still probably fit her too). I would never buy organic socks, I don't think it's necessary, especially at the price,  but they are very soft and she will wear the, eventually. (

Little Yums Organic Teething Wafers (spinach, apple, & kale) by Plum Organics: we always like to try new snack type items for EM, she seems to like anything and everything so I bet she'll like these too! ($0.75)

And just like the 1st box, we got the "free" outfit from Fabkids. So now I have two free outfits and I signed up with two different email addresses and a prepaid Visa card (in case canceling is a hassle and takes longer than expected, I don't want to get suckered into paying $39.95 for an outfit!) so I have two outfits coming, a lot of the outfits were sold out by the time I looked and I honestly didn't think they were all that cute, definitely not for $40, but for $4.95 each (shipping) - to get a 3 piece outfit (top, bottom, and hair accessory) we'll take them! She won't be able to wear them for probably a year or two since the smallest sizes they have is 2t. I didn't like that you couldn't piece together individual item ps for your free outfit as some of them individual items were cuter than the set outfits already created. Out of the options that weren't sold out, these were definitely the cutest  (IMO), In the new box, on the information card, they acknowledged it'd be an outfit for the future! Which to me, confirms we did receive the wrong box initially since it didn't acknowledge that the outfit would be too big for now. (Like before, not including this is the estimated value since it requires you to spend money to receive item). 

Here are the two outfits we ordered: 

Total estimated value of box: $29.24 (not including shipping)
Total Cost of box: $25.00 (free shipping)

Overall impression: much happier than the wrong aged box, since I don't really buy into all the organic thing, I don't appreciate it as much because I wouldn't actually spend the money on those type of items in my own, BUT everything in this box will be used and as much as I don't like having to sign up for a free outfit and remember to cancel my subscription and lay shipping, getting two complete outfits for less than $10 is a great value! 

Once I get onto my MacBook (posting from iPad) I'll add in the links for the items.

If you are interested in signing up for Citrus Lane… use my referral link and get $10/off your first box (and I’ll get a $10 credit as well):
Remember, you can cancel at any time, so your first box would only be $15, not too shabby!

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