Saturday, August 31, 2013

Kids Book Exchange

I had heard of these "kids book exchanges" in the past, but never participated in any but this week I received a letter in the mail (yes, real snail mail!) from one of my friends who actually just had her little girl a few days ago, and figured eh, might as well give it a shot. So I ordered the book for the person on the top of the note as directed - for a 2 year old girl (from amazon prime so I didn't have to pay shipping, was like $4 for a cute board book) and then filled out the letter to make copies and send out and whoops I forgot to make copies of the blank letter to send with it.. So off to google I went and came across a much cuter letter with the same instructions and concept (found it on and had to modify it a little since it was a PDF and I wanted to type ,y info vs hand write it since I figured I'd email mine out instead of snail mail. Then came time to decide who I should send it to. I belong to a Facebook group which I joined when I was pregnant with EM and we all  were originally due in December 2012 (some of us had out babies earlier and some later but we stayed together and I enjoy chatting with these ladies often) so I asked the group who would be interested in participating and sent my letter off! I'm pretty sure these ladies will at least send out their letters (so my friend's little girl will be getting some books!) and HOPEFULLY the people they send their letters to will participate so EM will get some more books (she's got quite an extensive collection already but you can never have too many books!) and if not I'm only out $4! Here is a picture of the letter so you all can see what I'm talking about, It's a fun little concept (especially nowadays with Amazon and email) which reminds me of back in the day chain letters :) 

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