Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Running Season!

Well G and I went a little overboard this running season (my definition of the running season starts in August and ends in April – even though we do sometimes participate in races in the “off season”) and signed up for a ton of races, including the Track Shack Running Series (Distance Dare Fanatics)! We’ll be missing one of the Series races due to a planned Philly vacation, but it was still cheaper to sign up for the series than to do all the other races individually This was all before I knew I was going to be having my foot surgery in July, if I would have known that, I probably wouldn’t have signed up for some of the fall races, but since they are all non-refundable, I’ll participate it them the best I can, even if that means just slowly walking!

Our Race Schedule for this Running Season is as follows:
August 17, 2013: Celebration of Running 5k (Track Shack Running Series)
October 5, 2013Tower of Terror 10-Miler
October 13, 2013: U Can Finish 5 Miler & 2 Mile (Track Shack Running Series, Distance Dare = 2 races in same day)
November 2, 2013: Give Kids the World Gingerbread Run 5K
December 1, 2013: Space Coast Half Marathon
January 9, 2014: Disney World Fun Run 5k (G Only)*
January 10, 2014: Walt Disney World 10k
January 11, 2014: Walt Disney World Half Marathon (G Only)*
January 12, 2014: Walt Disney World Marathon (G Only)*
January 25, 2014: Seasons 52 Park Ave 5.2k (Track Shack Running Series)
February 15, 2014: Run Around the Pines 5k (Track Shack Running Series)
March 15, 2014: Zimmerman Kiser Sutcliffe Winter Park Road Race 10k and 2 mile (Track Shack Running Series, Distance Dare = 2 races in same day)

*G is participating in the Dopey Challenge this year, which includes a 5k, 10k, Half and Whole Marathon in 4 days… yes, you can say he is pretty Dopey, and his best friend Ryan is just as Dopey as he is and signed up with him!

With that said, you can see we’ll be very busy staying active in addition to our already busy schedules! Until I can fully run again, I’ll be able to take EM on walks to “train” – not sure that’ll be much help for that 10 miler in October, but it’s better than nothing and she loves going for walks!

So we kicked off the running season on Saturday with our First Race! G ran it and I pushed EM in her stroller. It was a nice morning temperature wise, but it was very humid, made me almost glad I was walking.
The race started and ended at the Orlando Science Center and went around the streets nearby. I chatted with some other walkers along the way, one who had a baby 6 weeks ago and one who was due in November, it was very enjoyable. I definitely am not used to being that close to the end of the pack of participants, but final stats show I finished 2143 out of 2162 with a total time of 1:01:01. G finished the race in 39:56 and then came back and walked the rest with me. 

We had to wake EM up since we had to leave before she normally wakes up
she looked so peaceful sleeping 

EM and I prepping for the race, gotta have our race fuel, Cheerios!
G and his Race Bling

My Finisher's Medal and Race Bib
this is just a screenshot from the professional's website, 
so the quality isn't the greatest, but a cute before the race pic

and our Finisher's Certificates

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