Saturday, August 31, 2013

Vero Beach Weekend

Well I'm already slacking on updating the blog! I've been formulating posts in my mind but haven't had the time to sit and type them up, luckily now I do :) 

So last weekend was a good friend of ours 30th birthday and her husband reserved at beach house at Disney's Vero Beach Resort for us to celebrate for the weekend! 

The resort was great, definitely could see us coming back with EM in the future, when she's a little more mobile and could enjoy the splash park and water slide. EM stayed with my parents for the weekend since it wasn't really the environment for little ones to be (we are the first of this group of friends to have a baby). We had a great time (although G was suffering from a sinus infection, in between naps he was a good sport and joined in on some of the fun). If you are looking for a fun adult game to play, Cards against Humanity is the one! We played for hours each night and laughed out asses out the whole time! 

A few pictures from the weekend (I'm posting from my iPad and haven't figure out how to resize them, so I apologize for the large size)

The guys hanging out on the balcony while us girls laid on the beach

Beautiful view!

And EM had a great time with Grandma and Paca and cousins too! (Although Paca and cousin Mason didn't make any of the pics) 

She tried lots of new foods this weekend and loved them all!

Sitting on Grandma's lap with her girl cousins!

The cousins were fighting over who would push her on the walk! 

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