Saturday, August 31, 2013

It's Football Season!

It's our favorite time of year! FOOTBALL SEASON! 

I've always loved football, even as a kid! Football was never big in my house growing up, my dad and brother were never into any sports really but I was a tomboy and played different sports with all the neighborhood boys (didn't have any girls nearby) and always loved football. I even remember asking my dad if iI could play and he told me no lol. As a kid my "team" was the Miami Dolphins because dolphins were my favorite animal but once I had my first college football experience I no longer cared about the NFL or the dolphins. I probably went to almost every home football game since my freshman year at UCF and actually met my husband at an away UCF bowl game. UCF's team isn't the greatest, although they are getting much better but it's the just experience that drew me in! Tailgating (drinking, grilling, and games!) is just sooo much fun and then cheering in your team to a hopeful win, ahh it's just so much fun! Thursday night was UCF's first game of the season (opening day for all college football although most games are on Saturdays) and it was a home game! I was a little disappointed I couldn't tailgate for hours like usual because I had to work but I got there with a little over an hour before the game started and had a beer some chips and soaked in all the activity! The game was great, we won, which always makes it even more fun! Since it was a night (7pm) game we decided not to take EM since she'd be ready to sleep and it wouldn't really work for her but she did wear her gameday colors! We just met up with our usual crew "TEAM TAILGATE" (hubby and some of our friends took the day off and enjoyed it more than me, jealous!!) I was definitely impressed with the turnout, unfortunately more people (students mostly) tailgate then attend the games because we haven't been the best performing, hoping one day we'll draw more people to the games as we continue to improve.

Now, ever since I found my love of College Football I never paid any attention to Pro Football. I'd watch the Super Bowl just because it was the Super Bowl and the commercials/half time show were fun to watch plus Super Bowl parties were always a good time! G on the other hand is a HUGE NFL fan as well, The Philadelphia Eagles are his team and he watches all the games and plays in several fantasy football leagues each season. As an attempt to get us girls more into NFL, our friends of "Team Tailgate" decided to start a Fantasy League. And for some reason I decided to join another league in our new neighborhood... I have no idea anything about any of the players or teams so this should be interesting, hoping to maybe have some beginners luck since between the two leagues I have $75 riding on them! How do my teams look? (Screen shots from 2 different aps and yes I know mom missing a player on one team) 

Team: Woo Girls (we all have HIMYM references)

Team: Bad News Beers


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