Friday, November 7, 2014

Follow Through Friday - Diet Bet Winner

Considering how much candy I ate and beer I drank on Halloween and what I ate over the weekend with watching the UCF game on Saturday (we lost, boo!) and my early birthday celebration on Sunday, I was really worried about this week. I also didn't log any miles over the weekend so that didn't help, but I kicked it into gear on Monday to finish out a solid week of walking with over 18 miles logged. I didn't reach my goal of 22, but I'm still happy with 18+ for 4 days. I was cleared to start running again on Tuesday so for some of my miles walked this week, I did so some jogging/running as well. Once I start my half marathon training plan next week, I won't be as focused on building up my actual miles; more so just building up my endurance again with running. Tuesday ended up my 4% in 4 week DietBet and I'm happy to report I successfully lost 4.5% and won $52.08 (which is really only $22.08 after you take out the $30 I wagered).  My 1st month of the Transformer DietBet ended today and I only had to lose 3% for that one, which I obviously did since it ran pretty much the same days as the 4 week bet. They haven't determined the payout for that one yet so I'm not sure how much I won, but I do know I at least won back what I wagered ($12.50). Money really is super motivating to me, I did NOT want to lose $50!

Results for the week:
Weight: 174.4
Pins Moved (lbs lost): one (0.8 lbs lost)
Miles Walked: 18.62 vs plan of 22

Plan for Next Week: 
Start my half marathon training plan, which starts on a Monday so through Thursday I should complete two 30-minute runs and one strength training day. 

I'm very happy with my results this week considering my weekend of halloween candy, beer, and then birthday festivities (especially considering I've been eating a little bit of left over birthday cake each night - I can't resist Publix's Chocolate cake!).

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