Monday, November 3, 2014

Halloween Festivities

Just wanted to share some pictures of the girls from Halloween. EM looked so darn cute in her bumble bee costume, and she surprisingly kept on her antenna headband the majority of the time. 

she loves her sunglasses!

They had a parade at her daycare but the teacher said it was too hard with the toddlers so they just watched and then they had a little halloween party for the kids. Since it was after nap time they had already changed them out of their costumes so I was a little disappointed when I went to pick her up and be there for the party that they were already in normal clothes. Her teacher said she took pics of the kids in their costumes too so I'm waiting to see those!

 After school, EM painted a pumpkin (and some paper and her feet too!) By the way Crayola washable paint is awesome! I highly recommend it, comes out of clothes completely! 

We then took her to the local Publix where she Trick or Treated between the different departments to kind of show her what it was like. She seemed to really enjoy that, so I was excited to take her out once we got home.

EM absolutely LOVED trick or treating. I thought she'd only be into it for a few houses so I went with some neighbor friends while G stayed at our house with his parents (since we live down the street from each other we decided to pass out candy together to make it more fun) and passed out candy to the kids and drinks to the parents.  Well, had I known she was going to want to do like 20+ houses I would have brought her stroller, I thought for sure she would have been over it by like the 5th house, but NOPE, she LOVED it. She probably would have kept going but she was a little slow walking between houses so I'd pick her up and "fly" her to the next house to keep up with the other, older, faster, kids in our group. After about half our neighborhood loop, my arms were getting tired and her bucket was full so I brought her home - she probably walked a good half mile! She said thank you to almost every treat giver and kind of said "trick or treat" to a few of them. When there was a line of kids at some of the houses, she stood in line and waited her turn. It was so, so, so cute how she got so into it!
walking with her Nanny before we met up with friends

EM and her buddy Charlie

AB stayed home and helped pass out candy (aka - slept during the festivities). She went as a "newborn" in her "First Halloween" onesie - so unique I know ;) 
working hard passing out candy

night time bottle with her adorable ghost hat from one of our neighbors

Hope everyone had a safe and happy halloween, I know we sure did!

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