Friday, November 21, 2014

Follow Through Friday - Just Terrible

This week was terrible. I made a lot of very bad decisions and sabotaged my efforts from last week. I never want to move pins OFF the "lost" rope, but unfortuantely when you do what I did, that happens. Let's see all the bad choices I made: I ate at Chili's twice, celebrated my daughter and father's bday with two days of cake and big meals, went to happy hour and had 2 beers and a bunch of yummy (unhealthy) appetizers and only ran twice. Oh yea, and I still didn't pick up any weights. I went back to work this week which actually wasn't that bad, most of my sabotaging happened before I actually made it back to the office. But there is no sense dwelling on it, there is always next week (which includes Thanksgiving the night before my weigh in, eeek!). If I want to improve my running endurance and lose weight, I really need to FOCUS!! This is not a good start to my training or my goals and only I can do something about that! Oh yea and last week I said I only needed a 2 mile run, so that's what I did, but then when I went back and looked at my actual plan, it was supposed to be 3, whoops!

Results for the week:
Weight: 172.6
Pins Moved (lbs lost): Two in wrong direction (2 lbs gained)
Half Marathon training:
     Run 1: 2 miles in 24:00 (12:00 pace) 
     Run 2: 2.52 mils in 30:00 (11:54 pace)
     Run 3: none :(
     Strength Training: none :(
     Walk: Monday - 3.00 miles
     Walk: Tuesday - 0.23 miles
Total Weekly Miles Logged:  7.75 miles

Overall Weight Lost since "Starting Point" 10/24/14: 3.4 lbs

Plan for Next Week: 
Continue the half marathon training plan, for Friday through Thursday it will include: a 4 mile run, two 30-minute runs, and two strength training days. 

Overall, like I said up there, terrible week. Carolyn from Fitnasty for Life wrote a great post on discipline vs. motivation today, and I'm clearly missing my discipline. It seems like whenever I start "training" for anything, my discipline goes away. Mentally, I must be taking the fun out of it or something because I have no desire lately to do anything. UGH, must re-FOCUS and get going! I don't have any big plans over the weekend, so I'm going to try to knock out as much of my runs as possible before my 3 day work week and Thanksgiving. I figure even if I'm not running on the "right" days according to my plan, as long as I run, it's better than nothing!

Linking up with Carolyn and Fitnasty for Life with the pledge to get #FIT4FIFTEEN!

Fitnasty for Life


  1. I think you really hit on something there about training FOR something sucking the fun out of it. I have the exact same reaction when I know a 5k is coming down the pike. Suddenly, something you do just because you love it becomes a means to an end and that really takes the wind out of my sails, too. I have a love/hate relationship with races for that very reason.

    1. Which completely sucks because I LOVE the actual races!!

  2. Oh my goodness, I'm sorry you had such a tough week! I feel like some days I'm SO hung ho, and others it's such a struggle. The hard part is I never really know what kind of day it's going to be until it's too late. I think you're smart to knock out those runs NOW, though!! You will feel SO much better when they're not hanging over your head. I did NOT want to go to the gym this morning, but I try to exercise 5 times a week, so it was either today, or saving it for the weekend (when I know I will talk myself out of it!). Good luck with the working out-- you CAN do this!!

    1. Thanks! Already off to abetted start this week, ran my 4 miles!

  3. Just hang in there and do better this week! You can do it!


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