Thursday, March 20, 2014

Citrus Lane March 2014 Review

My counter looks like I have a subscription box addiction (whoops!); since Citrus Lane is my favorite box to receive I figured I’d review it first. For those of you that don't know, Citrus Lane  is a monthly subscription service where you get a box of goodies for your child that are geared towards their current age (and sometimes Mommy) each month delivered to your door. You never know what you are going to get, but overall I have not been disappointed. Plans start at $29/month but if you buy longer subscriptions you can get them as low as $19/month).

Citrus Lane always includes a very nice information card with their boxes. On the front of it, it talked about sending items that help your baby learn, play, and everyday functional items. On the back of the info card lists the items and descriptions and some coupon codes!
first look

This is what I got in my 16 Month Old, Baby Girl, March 2014 Box and the approximate retail value I found for each item from their specific website (or Amazon, since if you know me, I'm an Amazon Junkie and would most likely buy from there). Sometimes I have to do some math because the sizes aren’t quite the same, hence why they are approximate values.

You Are My Baby Book from Chronicle Books (Garden) - this is an adorable book about mothers and babies in the garden and is kind of like two books in one. EM is really starting to get into books lately, so I'm sure she'll love a new one. ($8.09)

Push Pull Toy from Hape (Elephant) - if EM ever starts walking (I think HOPE it'll be any day now!) this might be fun for her! It's a wooden toy with a pull string and I love that's an elephant; one of my favorite animals! ($13.99)

All Natural Hand Sanitizing Wipes from CleanWell (40 Count Canister) - we got a few of these in my earlier Citrus Lane boxes and LOVE them! We actually JUST ran out so I'm glad I got these this month, right into my diaper bad they go! ($5.50)

Medi Buddy from Me4Kidz - I saw this in a few other reviews and those moms seemed excited to be getting it, so I figure I should be too. It's a cute little first aid kit case that actually comes with quite a bit (15 kid-friendly bandages, 1 knee & elbow bandage, 2 antibiotic ointments, 5 sting-free antiseptic wipes, 12 kid-friendly fun stickers) I like that It's compact and will fit nicely in my diaper bag and can be re-filled when we run out. With EM attempting to walk, the boo-boos are sure to become more frequent. ($5.25)

Total Estimated Value of Box: ~$32.83 (not including shipping)
Total Cost of Box: $29.00 (free shipping) -- I only paid $10 though because of an awesome deal I found on Plum District

Overall Impression: It had a nice variety of items and all will get used  The value wasn't the best, but I did think all the items were great! Well assuming EM actually plays with the toy :)

If you are interested in signing up for Citrus Lane… please use my referral link and get $10/off your first box (and I’ll get a $10 credit as well)

Remember, you can cancel at any time, so your first box would only be $19, not too shabby!

Did you get Citrus Lane this month? What'd you get and for how old of a child?

Disclosure: This post contains referral links!

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