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Bachelor Recap / Fantasy Standings: FINAL ROSE

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That had to be the worst Bachelor season ever. The drama wasn’t really there (when compared with other seasons), JP is such a tool, and the outcomes? Well I’m still not even sure what happened. Nikki looked like a battered wife who is in denial during the After the Rose grilling. Poor Chris Harrison tried SO hard to get details, but they weren’t budging. If it were any other season, with any other bachelor/ette who said they wanted to just date a little longer and not be engaged, I would be all for it (I mean except that isn’t how the show is supposed to go). I mean MOST of the relationships don’t last and I think dating a little longer isn’t a bad idea before rushing into marriage (although you COULD just have a long engagement as well). BUT considering how this season went and the nastiness that is JP, and how Nikki is in “love” with him but he only “likes her a lot” – it just boggles my mind how she could stand by him! I thought she was a smart girl and during the last few scenes before the proposal, I thought for sure she was coming to her senses, but I was clearly wrong.

When he mentioned that something happened two weeks ago, around the airing of Women Tell All, my speculation was: They had broken up, but then 2 weeks ago Nikki found out she was pregnant and now they were trying to make it work. Now, THAT would make for a good story. However, I’m probably very wrong and it looks like it has something to do with Dancing with the Stars and the fact that JP was supposed to be casted, but now isn’t (b/c he’s a complete ass and ABC doesn’t want to deal with him anymore).

I was never really a fan of Clare, but LOVED her during her breakup/send home. I thought she told him off well, not that he understood it, but at least the viewer’s got to hear it!

Juan Pablo will definitely go down as the worst bachelor ever. I mean, I don’t think any other contestant has ever been so rude towards Chris and the producers (and ABC) and that by far is the worst. 

And the Bachelor Fantasy League Standings - FINAL:

Congrats to my Mother-in- Law on her dominating win (I came in 2nd place in the non-money league)!
DS: 2940
JL: 1960
JR: 1870
LL: 1810
ME: 1285
SR: 1140
KW: 1100

The Teams:
JL:  Elise, Lucy, Lauren HChristineVictoria
JR: Amy LChristiEliseKatVictoria
LL: Alli, Cassandra, EliseLucyValerie
DS: Victoria, Sharleen, Nikki, KatAndi
ME: AlexisChristiKat, LacyValerie
SR: AlexisAmy LChelsieKat, Lauren S
KW: AlexisAshleyChelsieLauren HValerie

Received a Rose:

Sent Packing:

Points Earned:
Involved in a real kiss: Nikki (20), Clare (20)
Cries: Nikki (20), Clare (20)
Swears: Clare (20)
Travels by Helicopter: Clare (20) + (100) for SEASON FIRST
Winner: Nikki (150)

Eliminations Points:
JL: 200/each: Clare - 200 earned
JR: 200/each: Clare - 200 earned
LL: 200/each: Clare - 200 earned
DS: 200/each: Clare - 200 earned
ME: 200/each: Clare - 200 earned
KW: 200/each: Nikki - ZERO earned
SR: 200/each: Clare - 200 earned

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