Thursday, March 20, 2014

IPSY "Destination Beauty" March 2014 Glam Bag Review

After last month's fiasco, I was glad to see this month's ipsy arrived around it's normal time! (I've had it a few days, but just now getting around to posting about it)

For those of you that don't know, ipsy is a monthly subscription service where or only $10/month (cancel at anytime!) you get a Glam Bag (make up bag) filled with 4-5 beauty products curated by Michelle Phan! You get ipsyPoints for reviewing your items (and for doing other things within the site) that can be used toward purchases of additional items. 

First things first, ipsy comes in a pretty envelope and inside is of course the Glam Bag stuffed with goodies.  The theme this month was "Destination Beauty". Their Glam Room for this month says "Exotic beaches or a simple stay-cation - what beautiful destination is your March Glam Bag getting ready for?ipsy doesn't send out information cards (Birchbox does, which I definitely prefer). however, an information card isn't really necessary since all items can be found on their website and all have coupon codes for additional purchases if you want to buy some more. It looks like there were a possibility of 10 items (although multiple variations/shades of some items) and each subscriber got some combination of 4 of them depending on their preferences from their ipsy beauty quiz match. Now on to my goodies!

Marvelous Moxie by bareMinerals (in Get Ready) - I am really starting to get wayy took much lipstick in my beauty subscriptions (I don't wear it, I try to get into it, but it's just not my thing) so this one will be going in my giveaway box** which is going to turn into two giveaway boxes soon as it's getting pretty full . The color itself is very pretty (well for what it looks like it's supposed to be, I didn't try it). I wish I would have gotten the gloss instead, boo! (~$7.50 for .05 oz sample)

Love in Rio Eyeshadow by NYX (in Moonlit Skinny Dip) - I like that two of these colors are light as lately a lot of my shades are darker and I need something to brighten me up. This was a full sized item, yey! (~$6.00 for .105 oz)

Indigo Blue Eyeline by Chella - I've actually worn blue eyeliner before and loved the way it looked so I'm actually going to try this out. I don't wear eyeliner regularly but next time I do, I'm going blue!  Although this isn't a pencil, so it may be a little trickier to put on than I'm used to. This looks like a full sized item although I'd never buy eyeliner for that price. (~$24.00 for one eyeliner pen)

Flawless Beauty Primer by PiXi - I never used to wear Primer but now that I have a few times, I see all the difference it makes so I'm excited to get some in my bag! (~$3.56 for .4 oz sample)

Total Estimated Value: $41.06 (not including the bag itself or any shipping) 
Total Price Paid: $10 (free shipping)

Overall Impression: Another awesome value bag and even though I won't use the eyeliner that often or the lipstick at all, the other two items will be used up in no time! Love it! 

If you are interested in signing up for ipsy, use my referral link (and I thank you in advance for some ipsyPoints to use for future add on items!)

Did you get ipsy this month? Did you like it? What'd you get?

**FUTURE GIVEAWAY** once I got 100 followers on BlogLovin' or 200 on Facebook (whichever happens first) - I am going to host a giveaway with all my Birchbox and ipsy items that aren't things I would typically use but I know others who would love. So make sure you follow me, if you are reading me!

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