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Winter Park Road Race 10k and 2 Miler Recap

the start of the 2 miler (via Facebook)

Yesterday was the Winter Park Road Race 10k and 2 Miler. I was signed up for both the 10k and 2 Miler (making it a Distance Dare event). This was the last event of the Track Shack Running Series I had signed up for last year. I hadn't ran (and barely walked) since the Best Damn Race 10k, 2 weeks ago, so I was not looking forward to it at all.

I arrived in Winter Park with what I thought would have been enough time to finally meet up with some of the ladies in the Moms Run This Town group, but by the time I picked up my packet and walked back to my car (I parked like .4 miles away) to drop off the stuff and get back to the start line, they were already counting 90 secs down to the start of the 2 Miler. In order to make the start of the 10k, I needed to finish the 2 miler in 30 minutes or less. That should never be a problem with my usual pace but of course I wasn't really "feeling" like running this morning so I was a little worried. The course for the 2 Miler was an easy course through the residential area of Winter Park and the weather was perfect. I finished with about 5 minutes to spare before the start of the 10k. 

I wish you could just continue into the next race and not have to wait for them to begin because the little sweat I did have from the 2 Miler did bring me a chill while waiting for the 10k to start (and I'm coughing and sneezing today, coincidence?) I ran the first mile per my 3/1 intervals and then stopped to use the bathroom at a random construction site of a house (there were a bunch of houses being built along the course so the port-o-potty's were easy to come bye without lines of more than 1 person). After stopping to pee, I just couldn't get into the running groove. I just wasn't "feeling it" plus my "bad" foot was hurting a little bit and I ended up walking the majority of the race (pretty much only running on the walking intervals). The course scenery was sooo nice, probably multi-million dollar estates on the chain of lakes in Winter Park, ah so pretty to look and drool at! My one complaint of the course though was the majority of it was on brick roads, and it wasn't that they were brick roads, it was how uneven they are. I was only walking for most of it but when I did run, I was very concerned about tripping on raised bricks. There was even one section that was "up-hill" which to most people probably wasn't much but to us flat-Florida runners, it wasn't welcomed, at least not by me. Overall though, had I been in the mood to run, it probably would have been a very enjoyable race and once again the weather was absolutely PERFECT! 

Because I had signed up for the Track Shack Running Series I was allowed to go into the post-race VIP area for free (others had to pay $10). Inside they had PF Changs sampling their Chicken Lettuce Wraps (one of my FAVORITE things from PF Changs), Krispy Kreme Donuts, beverages and some other samples. Plus picnic tables to sit down and chat with others. They were also giving out beer (to all runners, not just the VIP group) but after a run, 9am beers don't sound appetizing to me  although the line was VERY long, so apparently it appeals to lots of others! I just indulged in many Chicken Lettuce Wraps while chatting with some other runners and had a Krispy Kreme donut for dessert. In the regular post-race area they also had a bunch of refreshments like samples from Smoothie King, cups of fresh strawberries, and bananas. All runners also got stemless wine glasses and the 10k finishers got Medals and the Distance Dare finishers got an additional medal. Although, I'm a little disappointed that the Distance Dare medals are the same as they were for the last Distance Dare event (U CAN FINISH) and only changed out the lanyard. (Plus our Tech T-Shirts!) It was a pretty "perk-worthy" race to run that's for sure. I really enjoyed the Running Series however many of the races were pretty far from home and now that I know Winter Garden's Tri-N-Run hosts a bunch of their own races (usually on the same days as Track Shack) I won't sign up for the series again as I'd prefer to run the races closer to home (a 5-10 minute drive sure beats a 35 minute drive, especially at 5:30am). Although I'm sure I'll still run some of the Track Shack races too, I just won't sign up for the series. 

This was the last race I was signed up for until November's Give Kids the World Gingerbread Run. Depending on what is offered, I may throw another 5k or two in there before then. Otherwise, summer is coming and it gets way too hot!
Race Bib!

the finish line

Race Bling!

Stemless Wine Glass

My 2 Miler Stats:
Official Chip Time: 25:23 (overall pace of 12:41) - They started everyone at the same time even if you didn't cross the start line right away
Place: 383 of 671 Finishers
Place: 1475 of the 1782 Women Finishers
Place: 55 of 92 in my Women’s Age Division (25-29)

My RunKeeper stats:
2.20 miles in 25:03 (overall pace of 11:23) 
Fastest Mile: #1 at 11:17
Slowest Mile: #2 at 11:54

My 10k Stats:
Official Chip Time: 1:22:58 (overall pace of 13:21) 
Place: 2438 of 2817 Finishers
Place: 1475 of the 1782 Women Finishers
Place: 219 of 246 in my Women’s Age Division (25-29)

My RunKeeper stats:
6.25 miles in 1:23:02 (overall pace of 13:17) 
Fastest Mile: #1 at 12:27
Slowest Mile: #4 at 13:56 

Distance Dare Stats (they had limited stats, added together the two times & showed placement for gender): 
Official Chip Time: 1:48:21
Place: 309 of 377 Women Finishers

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