Monday, March 10, 2014

Missing in Action Monday

Well, I have obviously been MIA for the last week. No real reason, just life and going to bed early every night. Sorry for those who may have missed me.  

Remember the DietBet I joined back in the beginning on February? Well, I did win it and the payout was $49.88 (so $19.88 profit for 4% loss in 4 weeks) – not too bad! If I wasn’t hoping to be pregnant any day now, I would do another but don’t want to stress myself out so I’ll wait until after I’m pregnant and have a baby and then join next year some time. G signed up for a 6 month DietBet which in order to win he’ll have to lose 10% in 6 months and there are monthly prizes. I think he’ll be able to do it!

Even though I lost that 4%, if you didn’t notice I didn’t post a Follow through Friday post, well because I didn’t follow through on pretty much ANYTHING! Well I did run the Best Damn 10k last weekend (well, 10 days ago) and WILL be running the 10k + 2 Miler this weekend but I haven’t done much of anything else. No running, no strength and barely even walking. I’ve just been mentally and physically exhausted and haven’t FELT like working out. I’m using every excuse in the book. Going to attempt to get back at it tonight, but of course I’ve had a headache the entire day, so we’ll see how I feel.

I was so excited that Revenge came back on last night. I even re-watched the last episode from before their hiatus to get back on track and then I realized they changed from the 9pm to 10pm spot… and there was no way I was making it up last night, so I’m excited to watch it tonight! Gosh I love this show and this week looked good based on the spoilers!  Just wish they didn’t change the time spot as I’ll probably have to watch it recorded every week as I’m usually asleep before10pm.  

I did receive my replacement ipsy bag, and it was mostly the same items so I didn’t do a separate review. Only difference was a bronzer instead of the blush, which is way more my style. I asked if they wanted me to send the bag back, since my original did finally arrive, and they said I could keep it. Since most of the items are duplicates, I’ll add some of them into my giveaway bag/box that hopefully will be coming soon!

Anyone else excited for the Bachelor finale tonight? JP has been my LEAST favorite season so far as he is a complete tool but of course I’m anticipating the “MOST DRAMATIC FINAL ROSE EVER” OMG! My guess is Nikki wins tonight but they’ll be broken up by now/for “After the Final Rose” interviews.

Daycare told me when they play outside; EM is on the slide the entire 30 minutes. Once I heard that, I of course HAD to get her a slide. So, I did some online garage sale-ing this weekend and got EM two slides. One was given to us for free from a friend who saw me ask about people looking to sell them and the other I paid $25 for (both are in great condition and well over $50 brand new). EM can’t climb the tall one yet but loves to go down the slide and the other one is perfect for her to do herself.  We’ll get a ton of use from these. You can check out her cute videos on my instagram (niseyyd)

Nothing much else is new, officially moving to my new program location on Thursday this week but “started” the job today.  I’m getting a bigger cubicle so that’s a plus! More wall space to hang up with pictures of EM! (yes, I am THAT person!)

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