Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Space Coast Half Marathon

Sunday morning was the Space Coast Marathon and Half Marathon. G and I both ran the half. (my first of my six 30 before 30 half marathons). After my last half marathon (back in 2011), I had said no more halfs. Well then the Space Coast released a new running series "The Big Bang Series" and their 3 of 5 and 5 of 5 year challenge medals. As we all know, I'm a sucker for the medals and these are seriously awesome. So once I signed up for this race back at the beginning of this year (the Dec 1st race sold out in Mid July for both half and full), I obviously took back my "no more halfs". G also loves space and all things related (his first half marathon was this one back in 2010) so he too was a sucker for a space themed race.

The race was in Cocoa FL (left from the Historic Cocoa Village) which is like an hour plus from our house, but luckily our good friends are staying in a condo out on Cocoa Beach while their condo is getting renovated and offered to let us stay there making the drive in the morning only 15 minutes, SCORE! So we left their place at 5am, got there and parked by 5:20, still had to get our packets and check our bags and by the time we made it to start line it was already 5:45 so we only had to wait for 15 minutes. Such a better experience than most other races. Only downfall was I didn't have time to use the bathroom before the start, so I started running with a full bladder. I was SO not prepared to run this race. I had barely ran all month (logged less than 35 miles, and most of those were walking) - plus other than the 10 miler in October the longest I had ran since my last half marathon (in 2011) was about 5.5 miles so I knew this was going to be rough. 

Pre-Race Sefie
G and I went our separate ways (I went ahead)  right before mile 1 and I stopped to use the bathroom between mile 1 and 2. Of course being the first bathroom stop, there was a line and it took forever. I would say a solid 4-5 minutes and since I was running with my Camelbak and my phone was in there, I didn't get to pause my RunKeeper. So all my time (both official and RunKeeper) takes into account a 4-5 minute bathroom break. After using the bathroom, I ran to catch up to G since I knew by that time he had passed me. I don't think I caught up to him until about mile 4 or 5. I definitely booked it during those miles because I was trying to make up for lost time. I wasn't trying to PR or anything since I didn't train but I knew I wanted to at least stay ahead of the 3 hr pace group. I met up with and eventually passed G and would say I enjoyed the majority of the race. There wasn't a lot of formal entertainment but running up the causeway coast in a residential area you had a bunch of residents cheering you on from their front porches and driveways. The water/aid stations were very nicely spread (since I had my Camelbak I didn't really need to stop at them - only towards the end I drank some gatorade at 2 of them because I was getting tired, but I did take note of their frequency). All of the water/aid stations were space themed and had people dressed up and cheering you on. When I crossed the 15k  mark and saw I was under 2 hrs I realized how much better I was doing than I thought I was and decided to try a little harder to maybe PR - I couldn't remember my exact PR time - I knew it was around 2:40. (I didn't end up PRing but I came pretty close considering my lack of training) At the end of the race (last .10)  they had some cool posters  and then at the finish line they greeted you with a towel and your awesome medal. I ran 3/1's the a majority of the race (probably until mile 9 or 10 before I ended some of the running intervals early. I listened to the iheartradio app "Glut Pop" station (the same one I always listen to when I run) and jammed out the entire way! 

The weather was beautiful. I started off wearing the race tech shirt (long-sleeved) because I was freezing in my tank top, but by mile one I had already taken it off and stuffed it in my Camelbak. The rest of the race I was fine, a little chilly when breezes came off the water and never once needed my sunglasses (which is nice because they always fog up and get gross). I thought the course was going to be boring because its just up and back one main road but I very much enjoyed looking at all the pretty houses and looking at the water and wildlife.

 I felt MUCH better running this race than I did running the 10 miler in October and am actually not dreading the OUC Half Marathon in 6 days. I won't lie, I'm pretty sore and getting out of the car after driving an hour plus home after the race, it hurt to walk at first. I stayed pretty active Sunday (walking around, doing things in the house, up and down the stairs multiple times) and I think that helped my muscles not tighten so much. After a full night sleep though, I woke up feeling pretty good considering how I have felt in the past after some races and didn't struggle too much during the day on Monday. I also have a massage scheduled after Saturday's race which will be very welcoming after two halfs in one week.

Runner's High!

My Stats:
Official Chip Time: 02:43:03 (overall pace of 12:27)
Place: 1639 of 2923 finishers
Place: 1016 of the 2032 Women Finishers
Place: 105 of 179 in my Women’s Age Division (25-29)
5k Split: 41:45 (STUPID BATHROOM BREAK!)
10k Split: 1:17:35
15k Split: 1:56:50
My RunKeeper stats (which accounts for the zigzagging, run off to the bathroom, etc.):
13.30 miles in 2:43:07 (overall pace of 12:16)
Fastest Mile: #4 at 10:49
Slowest Mile #2 at 16:54 (bathroom break)
REAL Slowest Mile #8 at 12:44

G’s stats:
Official Chip Time: 02:51:46 (overall pace of 13:07
Place: 1861 of 2923 finishers
Place: 677 of the 900 Men Finishers
Place: 74 of the 95 in his Men’s Age Division (30-34)
5k Split: 39:37
10k Split: 1:19:38
15k Split 2:01:50
His RunKeeper stats:
13.40 miles in 2:52:00 (overall pace of 12:50)
Fastest Mile: #1 at 12:08

Slowest Mile #9 at 13:58

Operation Skinny Jeans

Glossy Blonde


  1. Congrats! Wow that is amazing - I would love to be a runner but I have a really hard time running for more than a couple of minutes straight!

    1. Thanks! I used to feel the same way and I only would go on the elliptical but then eventually I got bit by the "running bug" and haven't looked back since!

  2. Way to go!!!! It sounds like an awesome race! Thanks for linking up :D

  3. Hi from Totally Posted Tuesday! And congrats on the race!

  4. Slow handclaps all around! I can't even fathom this. I feel all accomplished when I run 4 miles with my dog.

    1. 4 miles with a dog? That is an accomplishment too! Couldn't imagine running with my dogs - they are nuts!

  5. Good for you! That's one of my life goals. To run a half marathon. I run now about 5 times a week but inside on a treadmill and definitely nothing more than 5 miles. I just need to commit and do the training program. I don't know if I can run outside in Florida. Been here 2 1/2 years (via Ohio) and I still can't get used to the heat and humidity. Good luck in your next race.


  6. I personally am not a good trainer which is why I am super sore for days after long races and can't ever really push it towards the end of them. One day I will actually train for one the right way and work on proving my time. I do the majority of my running on a treadmill too but don't think I've ever gone more than an hour or so bc it gets soo boring even with watching tv during the run. I've been in FL since I was one and hardly ever run outside bc of the humidity (unless it's a race) although I do prefer running outside I just can't take the heat most days. I challenge you to sign up for one and and do it!

  7. That's so awesome! I wish I liked running!


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