Sunday, January 26, 2014

Seasons 52 Park Ave 5.2k Race Recap

Saturday morning was the Seasons 52 Park Ave 5.2k. This was definitely the coldest race I have ever participated in. It was in the mid 40's. G's shins were hurting so he decided to sit this one out. I got there and picked up my race packet and hightailed it back to the car to sit and wait in the warmth of my heated seats until about 7:10. I walked over to the start line, and there was hardly anyone there which seemed odd since the race was starting in like 15 minutes. I decided to hide out in the Panera Bread which was conveniently located next to the start line and stayed warm until about 3 mins before the race started. I couldn't decide if I wanted to run in my sweatshirt or not and after what happened at the WDW 10k, I decided to suck it up and just deal with the cold prior to the race and know that I'd be more comfortable during the race. I'm SO glad I did that because within 3 minutes of running, I was more than warmed up! The run went through a mostly residential area of Winter Park,  with a portion on brick vs regular asphalt. It was a nice run and considering I haven't ran since the WDW 10k, I did alright. The run was enjoyable and I loved looking at all the houses in Winter Park. Some were really unique and fun to look at. I did my normal 3/1's (which I pretty much stuck to) while listening to Glut Pop on iHeartRadio. Since I was by myself, I didn't take any pictures other than my event shirt. Not even a selfie!  Seasons 52 was the big sponsor of the run and ever 52nd finisher got a $52 gift card to Seasons 52. Sadly, I was not a 52nd finisher, boo!

My Stats:
Official Chip Time: 37:10 (overall pace of 11:30) 
Official 5k Chip Time: 36:01
Place: 1148 of 1854 Finishers
Place: 575 of the 1092 Women Finishers
Place: 71 of 128 in my Women’s Age Division (25-29)
My RunKeeper stats (which accounts for the zigzagging, run off to the bathroom, etc.):
3.26 miles in 37:14 (overall pace of 11:25) 
Fastest Mile: #1 at 10:57
Slowest Mile: #2 at 11:52

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